The US and EU impose sanctions on Iran: the country produces and supplies weapons to Russia

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The United States imposes sanctions against Iran
The United States imposes sanctions against Iran. Source: Freepik

The United States and the European Union have announced sanctions against Iran over its military cooperation with Russia. These measures apply to individuals and legal entities, including companies and individuals involved in the development, production, and supply of drones that Iran is transferring to Russia.

This is stated on the website of the US Department of State. "The United States is imposing sanctions on four Iranian companies and one individual associated with the development, production, and supply of UAVs that the Iranian regime provides to Russia and its paramilitary proxies and partners in order to prolong the conflict and destabilize the region," said State Department spokesman Matthew Miller.

The sanctions target four Iranian companies and one individual associated with the production and transfer of drones, as well as the head of Iran Aviation Industries, a subsidiary of the Iranian Ministry of Defense and Logistics. "We applaud the first use of the EU's new sanctions powers to target Iran's destabilizing behavior and support for terrorism in the Middle East," Miller added.

It should also be noted that in addition to the Russians, militants in the Middle East have also obtained drones, which is an additional concern for international partners seeking to ensure stability in the region. All of these measures are being introduced in the context of the escalating situation in the international arena and require a comprehensive approach to ensure peace and stability in the Middle East.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, the United States is ready to take measures against Chinese companies and financial institutions that support Russia in the war against Ukraine, considering the possibility of imposing sanctions. Representatives of the United States, South Korea, and Japan also agreed to cooperate on reducing dependence on China and Russia for critical resources.

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