The situation on the labor market in Ukraine has changed dramatically: which profession has suddenly become unpopular

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There is a significant shortage in the labor market in Ukraine
There is a significant deficit in the labor market in Ukraine. Source: Zaporizhzhia City Council

Ukraine is facing a significant labor market shortage. Almost all professionals are in high demand, except for IT workers.

This is stated in the material of OBOZ.UA. In Ukraine, according to a NBU survey, 17.6% of companies plan to reduce the number of employees. While 11.3% plan to hire new employees, and 71.1% do not expect any changes. The situation on the labor market is critical. There is already a significant staff shortage.

Natalia Slynko, CEO of Talent Match, says that most companies do not plan any changes. However, in some areas, the situation may be radically different. "The situation is ambiguous and diverse. Some companies are growing, some are not hiring and are not growing. I can speak about professional specialists. The demand for them is very high now," says the labor market expert.

"It is difficult to find an employee with several years of experience and already formed skills. This applies to almost all areas: finance, marketing, sales, and production. The only industry where there is no shortage is IT. The number of offers on the market for them has decreased, while the number of specialists has grown significantly in recent years.

"Banks can also influence the statistics. They are large employers, and we see that they are not hiring very actively now," adds Slynko. The number of bank branches is decreasing every year. Over the past two years, banks have closed more than 1.5 thousand branches. Their number decreased from 6685 to 5108. Each branch includes managers, administrative staff, a cashier, a branch manager, etc.

So, on the one hand, there is indeed a reduction, but on the other hand, it is becoming harder and harder to find a qualified employee. The main reason for this is the full-scale war (mobilization, refugees, displaced persons). Millions of Ukrainians were forced to leave their cities and move to other regions of Ukraine. At the same time, they had to adapt to the new labor market. While at home they worked at a local enterprise, in the new city they have to adapt to the demands of employers.

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