"The Serf" star Nataliia Vasko secretly got married

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Andrii and Natalia met in December 2014

Ukrainian actress Nataliia Vasko, known for her roles in "The Turtledove's Nest," "The Serf," "Kruty 1918," "Daughters-Mothers," "Late Repentance," and "Million Dollar Village," married her boyfriend Andriy Shestov, whom she met eight years ago. The actress had received multiple marriage proposals, but their plans were hindered due to Andrii's previous conflict with his ex-wife.

In an interview with OBOZ.UA, Nataliia revealed that they got married in early 2023. The actress kept the wedding under wraps because she felt it wasn't the right time to share such news.

"Andrii and I got married. We didn't talk about it because I think it's not the right time. In my opinion, now the focus should be on the soldiers - their joys and problems. The whole country should be working and thinking exclusively about the front," said Vasko. "And do you see what's happening here? Weddings for millions. When I hear stories like this, I think I would never agree to speak at such events. I don't even want to celebrate my birthday. Only with my family - that's it."

''The Serf'' star Nataliia Vasko secretly got married

Nataliia reveals that she and Andrii got married at the onset of the full-scale invasion. The event took place in Chervonohrad, Lviv region, where the actress was visiting her mother when the invasion began.

"I had planned to take my mother to my sister, who lives in Italy. I thought I'd take her there and return to volunteer," Nataliia recalls. "Andrii helped me reach Chervonohrad, and when I boarded the train to return to Kyiv, they announced that the route had changed, and the train wouldn't pass through here. I took it as a sign. I said, 'Andrii, we've been given one more day to do something very important.' We went to the church, spoke with the priest, and the next morning, we got married. We didn't make any special preparations: I was wearing pants, had no elaborate hairstyle, just a ponytail, although I managed to find a beautiful red embroidered shirt. The priest's and deacon's children agreed to be our witnesses. My mother was also present, and that was all the attendees."

''The Serf'' star Nataliia Vasko secretly got married

A few years ago, the media extensively covered Vasko's alleged persecution by Andrii's ex-wife, who claimed that Nataliia had taken her husband away from the family, leaving the children without a father. Nataliia publicly lamented that the woman had written defamatory things about her to her friends and family.

"In my opinion, this entire story is just an attempt to promote herself," says Nataliia. "How else can it be understood? Look, you divorced your husband, a year and a half has passed, and this man starts dating someone else. Tell me: what do you have to do with the person he is dating? And with your ex's personal life? Time has passed, and you are not together. I have no interest in how she is living now."

Earlier, OBOZ.UA reported that the wife of the Security Service of Ukraine spokesman, referred to as the heartthrob of Ukrainian women, shared an undisclosed photo from their wedding.

Read the full interview with Nataliia Vasko on OBOZ.UA on Sunday, November 5.

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