The names of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry have been announced

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The Nobel Prize
The Nobel Prize

TheNobel Prize inChemistry in 2023 was awarded for the discovery and synthesis of quantum dots. The winners are scientists Mungi Bawendi, Louis Bruce, and Alexei Yekimov, who work in the United States.

The Nobel Committee made the announcement on Wednesday, October 4, during Nobel Week. Information about the winners was published on the organization's official website.

Three scientists win the prize

Quantum dots are nanoparticles so small that their size determines their properties. Their bright light can, for example, illuminate tumor tissue for a surgeon.

"The researchers mainly used quantum dots to create colored light. They believe that in the future, quantum dots could contribute to the creation of flexible electronics, miniature sensors, thinner solar cells, and possibly encrypted quantum communication," the prize's press service said.

The so-called Nobel Prize week (and SEK 11 million in prize money) started on October 2. During this period, three winners have already been announced, and three more remain to be announced. These are the following categories:

- October 2 - physiology and medicine;

- October 3 - physics;

- October 4 - chemistry;

- October 5 - literature;

- October 6 - peace;

- October 9 - Swedish Central Bank Prize in Economic Sciences in memory of Alfred Nobel.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee is responsible for awarding the Peace Prize, while Swedish organizations are responsible for the other prizes.

Nobel Week 2023


- On October 2, it became known that the laureates in the field of medicine and physiology were Katalin Kariko (Hungary) and Drew Weissman (USA) for their discoveries that allowed the development of a new type of RNA-based vaccine.

- This year's Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded for the study of electrons and the nature of light. The winners are: Pierre Agostini (USA), Ferenc Kraus (Germany), and Ann L'Ullier (Sweden).

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