The most popular U.S. resorts that Americans are in love with

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Top 3 resorts in the USA

Resorts in the United States have long captured the hearts of not only millions of Americans but also people from all over the world. Colorful and diverse, these places offer an unrivaled experience and an unforgettable atmosphere. There are so many of them that it is difficult to choose just one. However, some locations are rightfully called the best.

The most popular U.S. resorts that Americans are in love with

Honolulu Island, Hawaii

For unforgettable vacations, thousands of Americans choose this Hawaiian resort. There are places where it is always warm, there is no wind, no waves, and perfect harmony reigns.

It is here that Hanauma Bay, a nature reserve surrounded by mountains on three sides, is located. Thanks to this location, the picturesque corner is protected from the weather and has ideal conditions for a relaxing holiday.

The island is also visited by diving and snorkeling enthusiasts as many species of interesting and rare fish have settled off the coast. The vegetation in this area is also striking in its beauty, so you can spend hours admiring the flowers and trees.

For those who want to diversify their vacation, local guides organize excursions to other islands of the archipelago, where you can enjoy incredible waterfalls, visit Haleakala National Park or go surfing.

Don't forget about the local cuisine. First of all, you should try the unsurpassed Hawaiian chicken. A pit-baked pig is considered an essential gem, according to local culinary experts.

By the way, Hawaii is the most remote from civilization and at the same time densely populated place on Earth. The distance from the archipelago to the US coast is 3,700 km.

The most popular U.S. resorts that Americans are in love with

Miami, Florida

The resort is popular not only among the local population but also among tourists from all over the world who come here to feel the spirit of lively southern beaches with their luxurious white sandy shores, impeccably clear blue water, and colorful buildings.

During the day, you can plunge into the world of art galleries and fashion stores, then feel the pulsating rhythm of the night at a crazy beach party in the evening. However, Miami is not just about entertainment. You can enjoy informative city tours, plunge into adventures in the Everglades swamps, where alligators live, visit the aquarium and explore the diversity of the marine world.

You can also experience the driving atmosphere of Downtown with incredible locations and views. Here, modern buildings are intertwined with early twentieth-century structures, and trolleys hover over the magnetic road, creating the impression of a city of the future.

We recommend going to Biscayne Bay. This unique creation of nature is the result of many years of changes in ocean levels, rains, and hurricanes. Various festivals and shows are held here, and you can also go canoeing.

Interestingly, orange juice is considered the national drink of Florida as more than 60% of these citrus fruits are grown here.

The most popular U.S. resorts that Americans are in love with

Santa Monica, California

It's a crime for any American to be in California and not sunbathe on the spacious beaches of this city. Here, you can enjoy a bike ride along the Boardwalk along the Pacific coast or feed the huge seagulls that will try to steal your things. Everyone will find something to their liking here.

The first thing to do in Santa Monica is to apply sunscreen and relax. The sun shines here 325 days a year, but thanks to the ocean breeze, the coast rarely feels unbearably hot, and the evenings are usually cool.

Another must-see place in the resort is Pacific Park. This amusement park is located directly on the pier. Here, an unforgettable experience is guaranteed for both adults and children. You can then eat pizza or try a special dessert called Final Cake (deep-fried dough).

Be sure to visit the Museums of Art and Heritage. Here, you can learn about the multifaceted life of the city and its history and get acquainted with rare and ancient masterpieces of various directions. We recommend taking a stroll along Ocean Ave and taking a photo with the main symbol of the resort, the sculpture of St. Monica. You can also go to the park at the intersection of Lincoln and Wilshire streets. It became the starting point for the legendary Linkin Park band to enter the world of show business.

By the way, California is home to more people than the whole of Canada, and if it becomes an independent state, its economy will rank sixth on the list of the most developed in the world.

The most popular U.S. resorts that Americans are in love with

In these luxurious corners of the United States of America, your vacation will be filled with unforgettable adventures and discoveries. Each resort has its own unrivaled charms that will give you an unforgettable experience. May your travels always be successful and inspire you to new achievements!

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