The most beautiful universities in the world: buildings to see while traveling

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The most beautiful universities in Europe and America

When traveling around different countries, tourists try to visit as many sights as possible: cathedrals, medieval castles, museums, and galleries. However, they often forget about universities despite the fact that their architecture is really impressive. We will tell you which ones are worth visiting.


The most prestigious institution in the world was founded in 1209. Its history began with a conflict between scientists and the king. Then the body of a dead woman was found in the city. Two scholars who were teaching at Oxford at the time were suspected of her murder. The students, knowing their teachers well, did not believe the dubious accusation. Mass protests began, which angered the monarch to no end.

In the end, the marchers were expelled without the right to be reinstated. The Protestants did not lose heart but found refuge in Cambridge. Here they founded a university that later became known throughout the world.

The university buildings are scattered randomly throughout the city, so do not be surprised to see a souvenir shop or a noisy pub in the neighborhood. We advise you to walk to the main building: King's College. Its construction lasted more than 100 years. Cambridge is home to the Botanical Gardens, a huge library, and several museums: the Art Museum, the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, the Zoological Museum, and the Polar Research Institute.

The most beautiful universities in the world: buildings to see while traveling


Beginning in the tenth century, England was in great need of a higher education institution. At that time, there were many uneducated people among the local clergy. Instead, in Paris, Salerno, Bologna, and Pavia, they were already studying mathematics, medicine, Latin, and philosophy. Therefore, there was no room to delay the construction.

To give the clergy a complete education, a new university was built in Oxford, the largest city in the kingdom. However, it became prestigious only during the reign of Henry II.

The twin towers are considered to be the symbol of the university. They were designed by a teacher and a student of the Faculty of Architecture. They represent the close connection between teachers and students. Another building worth seeing is Magdalene College with its original bell tower.

The most beautiful universities in the world: buildings to see while traveling


This is the oldest educational institution in Scotland, which has recently established itself in the field of humanities and arts. The institution has many buildings that form part of the Old Town. Among all the buildings, it is worth seeing the Old College, the main building that houses the law school and administration.

Don't miss the New College building. It has a Gothic style and is home to students of religious studies and theology. In addition, go to McEwen Hall, a majestic structure that has a Renaissance feel to it. All locations are located in the heart of Edinburgh, so you won't have to run far.

The most beautiful universities in the world: buildings to see while traveling


Leland Stanford purchased the territory of the future higher education institution not to build a school. The land was purchased for a ranch. However, it happened that the plans were not to be realized. Unfortunately, shortly after this transaction, the tycoon's son died. The grieving parents decided, "Now the teenagers of California will be their children."

This is how the history of Stanford University began. The university is located in the heart of Silicon Valley and covers an area of more than 32 square kilometers. By the way, its campus is considered the largest in the world.

The founders of such well-known companies as Sun Microsystems, Nike, Yahoo!, Google, Cisco Systems, Hewlett-Packard, Nvidia, and Silicon Graphics graduated from Stanford.

The most beautiful universities in the world: buildings to see while traveling


The oldest university in Europe was founded in 1088. Initially, the university had only one law faculty, and only in the XIV century did others - medical, philosophical, and theological - appeared. By the way, one of the rectors of the university was a Ukrainian, Yurii Drohobych. Unlike other institutions, women were allowed to study here. They were also allowed to teach the exact sciences.

The main building of the institution has the spirit of the Middle Ages and aristocracy. There is a huge library on the territory. The entrance to it is decorated with the coats of arms of the Spudes.

The most beautiful universities in the world: buildings to see while traveling


The history of the prestigious Polish higher education institution is closely intertwined with the past of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. It was founded by order of Casimir the Great in 1364. Since then, it has become increasingly popular among European youth.

Everything changed with the outbreak of World War II. The Nazis closed the university, and its teachers were thrown into concentration camps. Life was no easier under Soviet rule. The institution was reopened, but the party was constantly irritated by its greatness and prestige. The Reds dismissed many worthy scholars of the time, but in the end, communism failed to win.

By the way, there are many museums on the territory of the university: anatomical, zoological, medical, geological, etc.

When traveling around the world, remember that you can visit not only cathedrals or castles. You can also admire the beautiful architecture of ancient universities. Thus, be sure to add them to your travel checklist.

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