The hottest trends of spring and summer 2024: what's in fashion now

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The hottest trends of spring and summer 2024: what's in fashion now

Fashion is a tool that allows you to express your uniqueness, personality, and sense of style through your clothes.

When you feel comfortable and confident in your looks, it is reflected in your appearance, behavior, and even your well-being. Finding a style requires experimentation and openness to new ideas, but it is also very important to follow fashion trends, which I, stylist Anna Romanko, will tell you about today. Make yourself comfortable, we will get acquainted with the hottest trends of the new season. Perhaps one of them will be special to you or you will create a new look with it.

What's in fashion now

It can be quite difficult to navigate trends because there are so many of them – of different kinds and nature – at any given time. You have to start understanding all this with specific trends. For example, society is now beginning to return to minimalism. Perhaps the social and economic situation in the world has contributed to this, or perhaps it's just time for it. Anyway, I advise women to take a closer look at it, because minimalism has its advantages!

Minimalism is a direct way to create an elegant and stylish look without unnecessary details and accessories. The basic elements of a minimalist wardrobe can be easily combined, creating many variations. This makes clothes versatile and practical. And don't forget that the main idea of minimalism is quality, not quantity. People who prefer a minimalist style usually invest in high-quality items.

From trends to trends...

The hottest trends of spring and summer 2024: what's in fashion now

1. Lace

Lace is a sophisticated material that will add femininity and elegance to your look.

I suggest you become the owner of a light lace dress in white. You can wear the dress to a party and a walk. Combine it with espadrilles or stylish sandals for a light summer look. A casual option for those who cannot live without lace is a blouse/top with various lace elements. Such things are combined with jeans or a skirt!

The hottest trends of spring and summer 2024: what's in fashion now

2. Burgundy color

Burgundy is a shade that gained considerable popularity in the fashion world in 2024 and became virtually the only bright color (along with red, of course) that can boast the title of "trendy".

Red and burgundy are colors that cannot be overlooked.

They can be combined with other shades to create a variety of stylish looks. For example, red goes well with black, white, gray, and neutral shades such as beige or brown. Burgundy is a cozier and richer shade of red, and, importantly, it is suitable for any form of clothing – from dresses and blouses to accessories and shoes.

The hottest trends of spring and summer 2024: what's in fashion now

3. Metallic

Metallic shine always draws attention.

If you are going to a special evening, a dress or top with metal details or inserts will be a great option.

Sequins or metallic threads are suitable as accents.

You can also use accessories with a metallic finish. Add bags, belts, or shoes to your everyday look.

Cosmetics with a metallic sheen are also an interesting option. Experiment, don't be afraid! A single lipstick or eye shadow with a metallic shade can create a spectacular look.

The hottest trends of spring and summer 2024: what's in fashion now

4. Lingerie on top

Let me tell you about a trend that is suitable only for brave or even a little outrageous girls and women. Its essence lies in the fact that underwear is used as outerwear, putting it on a T-shirt or even a jacket. Of course, this is intriguing and adds to your sexuality. So in any case, you don't need to experiment with this trend at work. But why not go to a nightclub or for a walk with the girls? Listen to yourself, to your feelings, for some it will be too much, for others, it will be just right.

I want to warn you that this bold trend should not be combined with open clothes, such as miniskirts.

And one more little life hack – now you can buy T-shirts with underwear as a picture on them.

The hottest trends of spring and summer 2024: what's in fashion now

5. Bows

Bows, although they seem simple, have actually become one of the main accents in fashion this season.

Designers use them in their collections, attaching them to the chest, on the head, and even turning them into glasses.

Bows can be both small and large, used to decorate dresses or act as jewelry. But my advice to you: do not use mini-bows, they can look too playful. To create a romantic look, I recommend choosing slightly more expressive and large bows.

Now you see that modern fashion is a real Klondike of various trends that can be called elements of the future look. I've listed the most common trends that are currently being talked about in the fashion world. From metallic shine to lace experiments, from bold colors to classic shades, each trend reflects the individuality and creativity of fashion. These trends not only emphasize style but also allow us to express ourselves and experiment with our looks.

So let your look be a reflection of uniqueness and style, and let modern trends be your allies in this!

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