The EU is preparing a "Plan B" in case of Hungary's veto of financial assistance to Ukraine

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EU countries agree to create an off-budget fund to help Ukraine in case of Hungary's veto

The summit of the European Union leaders will take place soon, on February 1. European diplomats are preparing the legal text of an agreement on financial assistance to Ukraine.

This was reported by the British newspaper Financial Times. This document is designed to ensure the rapid adoption of a pre-prepared "plan B" - it is necessary in case Hungary continues to veto the proposal to use the EU budget to help Kyiv during the war.

It is noted that 26 of the 27 EU countries have reached a political agreement to create an off-budget fund in case Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban refuses to move forward at an emergency meeting next month.

The article also says that Belgium, which will hold the EU presidency for the next six months, insists that diplomats agree on a detailed plan before the summit. Brussels does not believe that it should give up trying to convince Orban, but a "plan B" should be ready for the meeting of EU leaders.

As reported by OBOZ.UA:

- Ukraine has approved a draft plan under the Ukraine Facility program to provide a record economic assistance of 50 billion euros from the European Union. The plan contains the conditions that Ukraine must fulfill in the process of receiving financial assistance. However, the final version of the document has yet to be approved by the EU itself.

- President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen said that the priority for the EC is to create a Ukraine Fund consisting of all 27 EU member states. However, in parallel, alternative solutions are being prepared that should allow the EU to continue its financial support for Ukraine.

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