Stop before it's too late: experts call for an urgent change in the approach to AI development

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Scientists urged to work on human-centered AI

A group of experts from 12 countries has called on artificial intelligence developers to change their approach to the development of this technology. They call for focusing on what will truly meet human needs and improve the human experience, rather than creating more advanced computers.

This is stated in their paper titled "Human-Centered AI," which is reported by StudyFinds. The study was conducted by 50 experts from 12 countries representing various disciplines, including computer science, law, and sociology.

Scientists believe that developers need to move from technology-oriented AI development to human-oriented development. In their opinion, with this approach, technologies will be in line with human well-being rather than replacing or devaluing human workers.

As Shannon Vallor, a leading expert from the University of Edinburgh, explained, human-centered AI will be aimed at supporting and empowering people. Instead, this technology is currently developed only to demonstrate its own power.

Vallor draws attention to the growing popularity of generative AI. According to her, the development of this technology is driven by corporate desires rather than human needs. As a result, technologies appear that people have to adapt to and compete with. Instead, Wallor believes that technology should make someone's life easier.

"We get something that we have to cope with later, not something that was developed by us, for us, and for our benefit. This is not the technology we need," the expert emphasized.

Researcher Malvina Anna Wojcik also points out that marginalized communities are often excluded from the AI development process, resulting in technologies that reinforce existing power structures and discrimination.

For his part, Matt Malone notes that the operation of existing AI raises many questions about the protection of personal data, as well as how such data is collected and used.

The researchers also studied how AI affects the work of platforms such as Google and how it affects each individual. It turned out that AI leads to a person receiving more limited content, narrowing their sphere of interest and pushing them to support extremism.

This is because the more a person uses AI to search for information, the less diverse the information they receive.

That is, those who want to read conspiracy theories about the Earth being flat will be directed by AI to such information, instead of providing more objective information that would help people see the other side and come to their own conclusions.

That is why, according to experts, it is necessary to stop the uncontrolled development of AI before it is too late.

They believe that it is important to implement laws that would allow for the regulation of AI and prevent irresponsible innovation.

"Don't be paralyzed by the handful of voices that pretend governments can't regulate AI without stifling innovation. The European Union can set an example in this regard, as the very ambitious AI Act, the first systemic AI law, is due to be finalized in the next few months," said Benjamin Prudhomme, Vice President of Policy, Society and Global Affairs at the MIT Mila Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Quebec, Canada.

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