Six makeup rules that French women follow

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Makeup rules that French women follow. Source: freepik.com

French women are known for their sophisticated style, elegance, and flawless appearance. Their makeup always looks fresh, natural, and never too bright or vulgar.

When it comes to the fashion and beauty industry, most people involuntarily think of Paris, so it's no surprise that French women have a lot to learn. WhoWhatWear shared five tips that they follow.


French women know that the secret to flawless makeup is well-groomed skin. That's why they regularly do facials, thoroughly cleanse, moisturize, and protect their skin from the sun.

No amount of makeup can hide all imperfections. Therefore, before using a lot of life hacks, choose the right care that is suitable for your skin type.

Six makeup rules that French women follow

Red lipstick

Red lips are a French classic that will never go out of style. They always complement the look and make people keep their eyes on you.

However, if you focus on the lips, then eye makeup should be minimal.


French women's makeup always looks very natural. People who do not understand cosmetics may even think that they do not wear makeup at all.

The secret is that French women do not use too many products and do not layer them.

If you use, for example, high-quality mascara, then one layer will be enough to lengthen and tint your eyelashes and preserve their natural beauty.


If you cover your skin with a thick foundation, it will look dull and unnatural. French girls prefer lightweight translucent foundations that don't block the radiance and freshness they've achieved with proper facial care.

Multifunctional lipstick

French makeup doesn't take much time or effort. Women tend to use their lipstick for almost everything. They apply it not only on the lips, but also on the cheeks, as a blush, and even on the eyes.

Liquid textures

Liquid textures moisturize the skin much better and make you look fresher and more radiant. French women rarely use matte products because they tend to make the skin look more artificial and only look good in photos.

In addition, liquid textures can be easily applied with your fingers. It's both fast and effective.

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