Sikorski's US ultimatum to Russia irritated Medvedev: he spoke of a world war and "nuclear ashes"

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Medvedev again threatens "world war" and "nuclear ash". Source: Roszmі

Polish Prime Minister Radoslaw Sikorski expressed skepticism about Russia's threats to use nuclear weapons. He recalled that the United States had warned Moscow of an inevitable and lightning-fast response to a nuclear strike, which, according to the Polish prime minister, was a "cold shower" for the Kremlin.

Deputy Secretary of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev reacted to Sikorski's statement with a hysterical tweet. As usual, the former Russian president began to threaten the outbreak of World War III, humiliated Poland and promised it "its share of radioactive ash."

Sikorski expressed his skepticism that Russia would decide to use nuclear weapons, which is constantly promised by numerous Russian officials, in an interview with The Guardian.

"The Americans have told the Russians that if you detonate a nuclear bomb, even if it doesn't kill anyone, we will hit all your targets in Ukraine with conventional weapons, we will destroy them all," the Polish Prime Minister emphasized.

At the same time, Sikorski added that Europe must master the "escalation game" in order to keep Russian dictator Vladimir Putin in a state where he has to guess what step the West will take next and what it is going to do.

"Constantly declaring what our own red line is only encourages Moscow to adapt its hostile actions to our ever-changing self-restraints," Sikorski emphasized.

The theses voiced by the Polish prime minister instantly shook Medvedev's already fragile mental balance. In the traditional manner to which Russian politics and diplomacy have finally slipped, the former Russian president resorted to personal insults and narratives familiar to Russia.

Sikorski's US ultimatum to Russia irritated Medvedev: he spoke of a world war and ''nuclear ashes''

"The Polish double of a strange, wonderful creature named Blinken with a much more sonorous surname, Sikorski, apparently decided to scare his own masters," Medvedev said.

He was especially outraged by Sikorsky's reminder that Russia, with all its "nuclear power," could not even compete with conventional weapons of the West. Therefore, after Russia uses nuclear weapons, all its military targets in Ukraine will be destroyed by such weapons.

"First, the Yanks have not said anything like that yet, because they are more cautious than the Poles. Secondly, an American strike on our targets means the beginning of a world war, and the foreign minister of even a country like Poland should understand this. And thirdly, given that another Pole, Duda, has recently announced his desire to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Poland, Warsaw will not stand aside and will definitely get its share of radioactive ash," Medvedev said, whose constant waving of the nuclear baton no longer causes anything but bewilderment.

Earlier, Medvedev said that residents of the occupied territories of Ukraine who had taken Russian passports should be sent to camps in Siberia for "re-education."

Other "pearls" of the former Russian president include statements that Russia's borders "do not end anywhere ," that Russian troops can reach Kyiv, and dreams of "reunification" between Ukraine and Russia.

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