Should I fasten zippers and buttons on my clothes before washing: the answer is yes

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It would seem that doing laundry in the modern world is a very simple task, because the washing machine does all the work. However, in addition to putting the right detergent in the appliance, you also need to sort things by color, check all pockets, soak stains, and so on.

In addition, some housewives spend a lot of time fastening all the buttons and zippers. OBOZ.UA tells about whether there is an urgent need for this.

People who find the strength to fasten all the zippers before washing say that it is necessary, while those who neglect it believe that it is a waste of time.

Nowadays, you can often see buttons, zippers, various fasteners, and other accessories on clothes. You may have noticed that during the washing cycle, they knock on the glass of the appliance door.

Should I fasten zippers and buttons on my clothes before washing: the answer is yes

In addition, sometimes small parts of fasteners or buttons can come off. This will not only ruin the garment, but can also damage the washing machine. So the answer is yes – all zippers, fasteners, zippers, etc. must be closed before washing.


Buttons on cuffs and collars should be undone when washing, as otherwise the hard parts of the shirt may be damaged.


  • In addition to fastening all buttons, zippers, etc., you should also turn your clothes inside out before washing. This will help preserve the color and texture of the fabric and protect the hardware from damage;
  • Before you put your clothes in the washing machine, check how well the buttons are sewn and whether the hardware is holding on tightly enough. This will help prevent small parts from coming off and getting stuck in the appliance;
  • Clothes with delicate fittings, such as bras, should be washed in special bags or by hand;
  • Never soak clothes with metal buttons, clasps, zippers, etc. Moisture will provoke oxidation and the fittings may fail. In addition, rust stains are likely to remain on the fabric.

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