Shortage of personnel: the labor market in Ukraine will face a shortage of workers

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The number of vacancies in the labor market is increasing
The number of vacancies in the labor market is increasing

As the number of vacancies grows in Ukraine, the shortage of personnel in certain professions is gradually becoming more acute. Due to the significant migration of people abroad, the labor market will face an acute labor shortage in the near future.

Skilled workers with tools will be in short supply the most - 21%. These include professions ranging from seamstresses and painters to electricians and wheeled vehicle repairmen, according to the State Employment Center.

At the same time, employers had been experiencing a shortage of such specialists long before the outbreak of the full-scale war. Back in 2016-18, the vacancy rate in utility companies was 50-55%.

The shortage of workers in the maintenance and operation of equipment and machinery is estimated at 18%. We are talking about the following professions:

  • drivers
  • machine operators; tractor drivers;
  • crane operators.

The shortage of trade and service workers is estimated at 15%. These are the following professions:

  • salespeople
  • cooks
  • bartenders
  • baristas
  • waiters
  • security guards.

In the categories of teacher, educator, pharmacist, general practitioner, family doctor, engineer, and practical psychologist, the shortage is expected to reach 14%. However, if we take into account the age limit of current employees, the situation is much worse.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, in some regions of Ukraine there is an increase in job offers. Chernivtsi region (+6% compared to August - 1,905 vacancies), Rivne region (+5%, 2,275), Kirovograd region (+4%, 1,237), Poltava (+4%, 2,741) and Kyiv region (+4%, 34,574) became the leaders in terms of growth.

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