Scientists name the day of the week when children are most "uncontrollable"

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Inattentive child in the classroom. Source: freepik.com

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania conducted a study to understand the impulsive and inattentive behavior of children in the early grades. After all, when it is difficult for a child to maintain attention or sit still, it interferes with their own learning and can disrupt the work of the entire team.

The study found that as the school week ends, children become more and more "uncontrollable". At the same time, the peak of "disobedience", impulsivity, and inattention falls on Friday. The results are published in the journal Child Development.

A total of 62 children from five grades took part in the study along with their classroom teachers. The children wore accelerometers (devices that record the direction and speed of an object in space) to determine how mobile they are at school. Using this data in conjunction with the teachers' comments, the researchers were able to determine which days of the week the children were most inattentive and unruly.

Scientists name the day of the week when children are most ''uncontrollable''

The study found that it becomes more difficult for children to control their behavior with each passing school day. The lowest rate of self-regulation and attention span was on Friday. On that day, children were the most impulsive and naughty.

According to the researchers, training in perseverance can improve concentration. The ability to "physically calm down" is directly related to academic success and patience (the ability to resist impulse).

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