Scientists found 'secret factor' that accelerates aging: discovery could help fight death

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Damaged DNA may be the reason for accelerated aging of the body

A key reason for the accelerated aging of our body may be damaged DNA and a slowdown in protein production. This especially affects such signs of "growing up" as cellular repair, metabolism, immune defense, and stress resistance, and disrupts once-functional bodily functions.

A team of researchers from the Erasmus University Medical Center in the Netherlands got to the root of the symptoms of aging in a study published in the journal Nature Genetics, Popular Mechanics reports. This discovery may help to overcome death.

Scientists explained that premature aging usually occurs as a result of malfunctions in DNA mechanisms. When it can't repair itself, it remains damaged, which leads to a halt in protein production and the appearance of external symptoms of aging.

"In other words, the genetic fingerprint created by interrupted transcription (the conversion of DNA to RNA - ed.) is the same as the fingerprint created by aging, which suggests that these two processes are closely related," said Harvard Medical School Professor William Haseltine.

"When our bodies can't produce the proper protein reactions and our systems start to break down, it could be the result of damaged DNA. If only we could figure out how to prevent DNA damage," the scientist added.

As reported by OBOZ.UA:

- Scientists have conducted a study that showed that the spine can begin to shrink as early as the young age of thirty. One of the reasons for this disappointing trend is the age-related curvature of the spine.

- Scientists have also found that a significant factor in prolonging life is the effect on mitochondria. They help the body to get energy from sugar, which then nourishes the cells.

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