Russian authorities are trying to contain protests of families of mobilized soldiers by any means necessary - British intelligence

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Kremlin is afraid of protests by wives of mobilized occupiers

The Kremlin is trying to suppress the protests of the wives of the Russian occupiers, who demand the return of their husbands from Ukraine. They are being persuaded to keep silent with promises of larger payments, while a discrediting campaign is being launched against the rallies of Russian women on social media.

This is stated in a British intelligence report published by the UK Ministry of Defense. The Kremlin's efforts to suppress the numerous protests by the wives of mobilized soldiers show that this topic is particularly sensitive for the Russian leadership.

British intelligence has recorded signs that the Kremlin, after the small-scale rallies of the wives of mobilized occupiers in Moscow in November, is trying to suppress similar public manifestations of disagreement with the Russian government's policy. This is being done through both bribery attempts and public discrediting of the protesters and organizers.

"Research by independent Russian media and comments by the protesting wives themselves suggest that in recent weeks, the authorities may have offered to increase cash payments to families in exchange for their refraining from protesting. On November 27, 2023, a prominent online group of soldiers' wives published a manifesto against "indefinite mobilization". Around November 30, 2023, the group was labeled as a warning label "fake" - probably at the instigation of pro-Kremlin figures," the British Defense Ministry said.

From this, British intelligence concludes that the Kremlin regime considers the protests related to the mobilization of hundreds of thousands of Russians in September 2022 and the dissatisfaction of their relatives with the fact that the authorities decided that these occupiers would not return home until the end of Russian aggression against Ukraine to be particularly dangerous for itself.

Earlier, British intelligence stated that Russia wants to catch up with Ukraine in the development of kamikaze maritime drones.

On November 27, 2023, the head of the Kingisepp Machine-Building Plant in St. Petersburg announced that their marine drones would be tested in a "special military operation" against Ukraine in order to establish mass production in 2024.

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