Russia produces tanks with the help of the US, Germany, Italy and other countries: the media named the companies

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Russia produces tanks with the help of the United States, Germany, Italy and other countries
Russia produces tanks with the help of the United States, Germany, Italy and other countries

Despite the sanctions, Western countries continue to supply Russia with products necessary for its defense industry, in particular, for the production of tanks. These countries include Italy, Germany, the United States, and others.

This is reported in The Insider. In particular, these are Armata and Breakthrough tanks.


According to the authors of the article, Uralvagonzavod produces T-90M "Breakthrough" tanks for the Russian Federation. At the same time:

  • they are fitted with Sosna-U sights manufactured by the Volgograd Optical and Mechanical Plant (VOMP);
  • this plant receives machine tools from the Finval company;
  • this company purchases spare parts from the Italian company MTSRL.

In addition, VOMP receives machines from Pumori-Northwest in St. Petersburg. The company bought a shot blasting machine manufactured by Norblast SRL from Bologna. It also buys milling machines for metal processing from Milan-based Devco SRL.


According to analysts, Russian defense companies cooperate with the German company WTO Werkzeug-Einrichtungen GmbH, which supplies lathes to Russia. At the same time, its clients - Unimatik, TD SMS and OTS-Technologies - transfer machines to Uralvagonzavod and Plant No. 9, which produces barrels for Armata tanks, as well as T-72 and T-90.

In addition, Oxapa GmbH from Jena supplied optically processed glass blanks to Macro Optics LLC in November 2022. And Rudi Gebel GmbH & Co. Kg from Helmbrechts supplies parts for assembling power semiconductor devices to Proton, which provides optoelectronics to Russian military enterprises.


According to the authors of the article, the Russian "SPC Macrooptics" and "TPK RZM" receive aluminum oxide and polishing powders from the American company Universal Photonics from New York. Macro Optics and RZM help to produce sights for tanks.

Other countries

Companies from other countries also help Russia produce weapons. In particular:

  • Estonia.

For example, Gold Solution OU and Leolart.com transport Italian goods from Tallinn to Pumori-Northwest.

  • South Korea.

In particular, Mabuchi Korea Corporation, a Seoul-based company, sells lens grinding machines, polishing powder, and other goods to NPK Macrooptika;

  • Japan.

JSC Elekond, which manufactures and develops electrolytic capacitors, cooperates with Japanese companies Japan Industrial Trading and Kaga Electronics. However, Elekond is only subject to Ukrainian sanctions, and therefore Japanese companies, according to the law, can trade with it.

  • Serbia.

According to analysts, Grindex DOO, a company that manufactures high-precision grinding machines for grinding cylindrical surfaces, sells its products to the Russian Unimatik, which helps to produce guns for tanks.

  • Lithuania.

Baltic Machinery from Riga used to supply Unimatik with O-rings, couplings and other goods. However, the company has now been liquidated.

  • Latvia.

According to the article, the local UAB Elfanta supplies Unimatik with washers and plugs for lathes.

  • Austria.

According to analysts, the local EMCO GmbH is one of Unimatic's main suppliers.

  • Finland.

Meconet OY was selling copper tape and parts of semiconductor devices for JSC TD Proton-Electroteks, which works with Rostec, Almaz-Antey, and Tactical Missile Arms.

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