Russia plans to send more than a thousand ROC "priests" to Ukraine – CNS

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Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and the head of the Russian Orthodox Church Kirill. Source: Espresso.

Russia plans to send more than a thousand so-called "priests" of the Russian Orthodox Church to the combat zone. According to the plan of the leadership of this structure, they will provide "spiritual assistance" to the Russian occupiers who are killing people in a foreign country.

The ROC expects the issue to be resolved "in the near future" because the so-called church "has close ties with the Ministry of Defense" OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION. This is stated in the report of the Center for National Resistance

The Russian Orthodox Church is going to send about 1300 "priests" to the front line in Ukraine to provide "spiritual assistance to Russian soldiers." At least this was stated by the so-called Metropolitan Kirill of Stavropol and Nevinnomyssk on one of the Russian propaganda TV channels.

"The Moscow priest assures us that today the Russian Ministry of Attack has very close ties with the Russian Church and this issue will be resolved in the near future. And so it really is. After all, there are known facts that the head of the Kremlin church, Patriarch Kirill, is a KGB agent nicknamed "Mikhailov" and holds the rank of general in the Russian FSB. His predecessor Alexy II (Alexei Ridiger) was also a KGB agent under the pseudonym "Drozdov," the Center noted.

The CNS also added that the Kremlin relies heavily on controlled religious structures in its aggression against Ukraine. A prominent place in these plans, of course, is occupied by the Russian Orthodox Church, which, according to the Center, "during its existence, has created a powerful network in Ukraine and has become an ideal tool for brainwashing its parishioners."

In particular, the CNS reminded how at the beginning of the Russian invasion in 2014, it was by using the "religious processions" of the Moscow-controlled UOC-MP that Russia tried to prevent Ukrainian defenders from restraining the enemy's advance on Ukrainian soil.

"The National Resistance Center informs that all criminal actions of the occupiers, collaborators, and the enemy will be revealed and punished in accordance with the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Anyone can bring this time closer by reporting information about the enemy to the chatbot via this anonymous link," the CNS summarized.

Earlier, the CNS told how the occupiers from the ranks of the Russian Armed Forces conduct lessons in schools in the occupied territories of Ukraine , telling children "about the war". In parallel with this propaganda, the invaders have sharply increased the number of hours of Russian language and the Kremlin's version of history in schools in the TOT. In some places, this is at the expense of teaching the exact sciences, because there is a significant shortage of teaching staff in schools under occupation: the vast majority of Ukrainian teachers refuse to cooperate with the occupiers. Therefore, such sciences as mathematics, physics, and chemistry are not currently taught in all schools in the TOT.

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