Quantum apocalypse: what it is and whether we should worry about it

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Quantum technology can provide extraordinary opportunities for cybercriminals

Quantum computers may replace modern machines in the near future. They will be thousands of times more powerful, but they can pose a potential danger to humanity, which could lead to a global catastrophe called the quantum apocalypse.

The benefits and threats that the introduction of the new technology may bring were described by the BBC. It is noted that quantum computers work in a different way than the technology we are used to. The latest development can become many times faster and process much larger amounts of information in a minimum period of time.

An example is the task of deciphering data, where there are many variables, the number of which can reach billions of combinations. A conventional computer would take years to process such a large amount of information, if it were even possible.

In theory, a quantum analog could do it almost instantly. This power could be used to solve a variety of human problems. That is why the governments of the UK, the US, China, and other developed countries are investing in the development of the technology.

What modern quantum computers look like.

Danger to the cyber world

In addition to the potential benefits that quantum computers can bring, they can also endanger the cybersphere. That's why countries are trying to speed up the development of the latest technology to be the first to gain an advantage in this regard.

The fact is that a lot of user data is stored in encrypted form. A significant amount of information is collected and accumulated, some of which is confidential. The danger is that thieves will be able to use quantum computers to bypass encryption and steal confidential data - this problem is called the quantum apocalypse.

"But as soon as a functioning quantum computer appears that can break this encryption... it can almost instantly create an opportunity for those who developed it to clean out bank accounts, completely shut down government defense systems - bitcoin wallets will be exhausted," said Ilyas Khan, CEO of Cambridge and Colorado-based Quantinuum.

According to his forecasts, the latest technology will make most modern data encryption methods unnecessary and pose a threat to the usual way of life. It sounds really apocalyptic, but some people have already started to prepare for such a development.

In fact, developed countries have been developing new methods of counteraction for several years. For example, in the UK, crucial government data that is stored under the "secret" classification already has the status of "post-quantum," meaning it is protected by completely new encryption methods. Researchers hope that this will help save data from theft.

In addition, not only governments are trying to solve the problem, but also such tech giants as Google, Microsoft, Intel, and IBM, as well as more specialized companies such as Quantinuum and Post-Quantum.

Extremely important work is also being done at the US National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST), which is located near Washington, DC. They are trying to develop a defense strategy that will protect industry, government, scientists, and critical infrastructure from the potential threat of a quantum apocalypse.

Quantum technology is a rather expensive technology. In addition, computing on this scale requires a significant amount of electricity and generates a huge amount of heat. Therefore, the development and improvement of quantum computers continues, and scientists still need to find solutions to many problems.

According to experts, the development should not be stopped, because despite the risks that such computers can bring, refusing to introduce new technologies is not an option.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, a dangerous vulnerability was found in Apple's Mac computers based on their own M1 processor.

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