Putin's dacha burns down in Altai, one of the "bunkers" was located there - mass media

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The building burned down completely. Source: Amyr Aytashev

On May 30, a fire broke out at the residence of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin in the Altai Territory of the aggressor country Russia. One of the buildings burned down completely.

This was reported by Russian media, publishing the relevant photos. The residence is located in the Ongudaysky District of the Altai Republic.

Putin's dacha burns down in Altai, one of the ''bunkers'' was located there - mass media

Formally, Putin's residence in Altai is registered as a Gazprom sanatorium. However, according to the Russian opposition media, the so-called "Putin's bunker" was located there, which can allegedly accommodate up to 100,000 people.

The Sirena publication writes that the photo of the burned building was published by Russian blogger Amyr Aytashev and activist Aruna Arna. The journalists analyzed the footage and found no signs of editing.

The color of the facade, the location of the buildings, green spaces, the relief and the roof in the activists' photos match the elements in the previous photos of the residence.

Putin's dacha burns down in Altai, one of the ''bunkers'' was located there - mass media

The Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Republic of Altai refused to answer journalists' questions about the fire in the area.

According to media reports, information about a classified construction project in the Ongudaysky District of Altai appeared in 2010, with up to 3 billion rubles allegedly spent on the project. In 2011, journalists tried to get into the sanatorium, but the guards refused, citing the special status of the facility intended for the country's top officials.

It is also noted that there is a closed special farm near the residence, where marals (large red deer) are allegedly bred to extract blood from their antlers. In 2022, the Proekt publication wrote that Putin allegedly likes to take such blood baths, believing them to be therapeutic.

As reported, Putin has a "secret dacha" on the shores of Majalahti Bay of Lake Ladoga in Karelia (Russia). This land is supposed to be part of a national reserve, but three mansions, two helipads, a water bath, and a personal gazebo opposite a four-meter waterfall were built for the dictator.

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