Polish farmers to stage a real "traffic armageddon" throughout the country: hundreds of protests announced. Map

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Polish farmers announce a nationwide strike
Polish farmers announce a nationwide strike

On Wednesday, March 20, Polish farmers will hold hundreds of protests across Poland. The strikers promise to block roads in more than 500 settlements, taking agricultural machinery to the streets and highways. Everyone who is in Poland is asked to avoid using personal vehicles and take public transportation if possible.

This is reported by RMF24. It is noted that, among other things, about ten of the most important highways leading to Warsaw will be blocked. "Armageddon awaits us on Wednesday," the Polish publication describes the farmers' plans, publishing a map of the upcoming protests:

Map of farmers' protests in Poland.

"Farmers intend to protest on highways, national roads, as well as in city centers," the publication reports. In total, more than 580 protests are reported, involving almost 70 thousand farmers.

According to local authorities, road blocking will begin in the morning. For example, in Warsaw and the surrounding area, farmers will protest from 6 a.m. local time, and in the Silesian Voivodeship - from 5 a.m. They are going to strike until the end of the working day.

However, the strike will be shorter in a number of cities. In Gdańsk, for example, the action is scheduled to start at 10 a.m. and end at 4 p.m. In the Lodz Voivodeship, traffic will be blocked from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

However, Polish farmers are protesting not only within their own country. Truck traffic on the border with Ukraine remains blocked, and the blockade also continues on the German border.

The slogans of Polish farmers are unchanged. The main topic is the EU's environmental rules, which Poland wants to either significantly ease or abolish. Farmers from other EU countries are demanding the same conditions.

However, the Poles have gone further and are also seeking financial assistance from the EU authorities. The third demand of the protesters is a ban on imports of agricultural products from non-EU countries. It is in this vein that Poles are actively mentioning Ukraine. At the same time, farmers do not talk about imports of Russian grain, which is still actively imported both to Poland (unlike Ukrainian goods) and to other EU countries.

As Denys Marchuk, deputy chairman of the All-Ukrainian Agrarian Council, explained to OBOZ.UA, it was impossible to predict the actions of the protesters. According to him, the Polish government and European authorities are already actively working on the protesters' demands. However, the blockades continue for purely political reasons.

"These are inexpensive PR actions that help you remind of yourself. Given that these actions are led by a significant number of politicians, including those from the opposition, this is also one of the methods on the eve of the local elections (in Poland - Ed.)," the expert explained.

According to him, the Polish authorities and law enforcement agencies do not interfere with the protests for the same reason. Due to the upcoming elections, the Polish coalition is afraid of losing part of the electorate that sympathizes with the protesting farmers.

As reported, earlier, the majority of political groups in the European Parliament supported the idea to completely ban the import of food and grain from Russia. Some MEPs called for an urgent embargo, calling trade with Russia immoral.

However, the European Commission is not ready to impose a full-fledged embargo. Instead, the EU executive proposes to increase duties on grain from Russia and Belarus to the maximum.

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