Poles tighten border blockade with Ukraine and block 2 checkpoints: what they do with buses and cars

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Poles want to strengthen the blockade of the Ukrainian border
Poles want to strengthen the blockade of the Ukrainian border. Source: wyborcza.pl

Polish farmers have intensified the blockade of the Ukrainian border. On April 18, they resumed blocking the Korczowa-Krakowiec and Medyka-Shehyni checkpoints. It is expected that only freight transport will be restricted - no complications are expected for the movement of cars and buses.

This was reported by the State Border Guard Service. It is noted that

  • at the Krakivets checkpoint, the movement of trucks heading towards Ukraine is restricted;
  • in the direction of "Shehyni" - both to leave Poland and to enter.

"Polish farmers have resumed blocking the Korchova-Krakivets and Medyka-Shehyni checkpoints. According to available information, the protesters plan to block the traffic at Krakivets until 9:00 a.m. on April 20, and at Shehyni until 9:00 a.m. on April 19," the statement said.

It is also noted that as of the morning of April 18, about 1,500 trucks are waiting in queues in Poland in these directions to travel to Ukraine. However, no complications are expected for the movement of cars and buses.

Earlier, on April 16, the Poles stopped blocking the Dovhobychiv-Uhryniv crossing point. As of 14:45 on that day, a total of 100 trucks were queuing up to leave Ukraine at the checkpoint.

In the opposite direction, to enter Ukraine from Poland, another 30 trucks with a gross vehicle weight of up to 7.5 tons were queued up. At the same time, the day before the blockade was lifted, the protesters at Uhryniv did not let a single truck from Ukraine to Poland through.

In general, Polish farmers plan to continue the blockade of the Ukrainian border at least until April 30. Before that, the strikers promised to end the protests in early March, but extended the blockade.

As OBOZ.UA reported, in late March, Ukraine and Poland held talks at the level of prime ministers. The topics included the blocking of the border by Polish farmers and trade in the agricultural sector. As a result, the parties agreed that Poland would issue licenses to Ukraine to import four types of agricultural crops into its territory.

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