Poles prematurely lifted the blockade on the border with Russia: trucks are allowed to pass freely again

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Mamonovo-Grzechotki checkpoint on the border of Russia and Poland
Mamonovo-Grzechotki checkpoint on the border between Russia and Poland. Source: rosgranstroy.ru

On March 25, Polish farmers unblocked the Mamonovo-Grzechotki checkpoint on the border with Russia's Kaliningrad region. The protest was supposed to last until April 20, but now trucks are allowed to pass through unhindered. The farmers explained the lifting of the blockade by the approach of Easter (March 31 for Catholics).

This was stated by Jerzy Salitra, a representative of the Warmia and Mazury Chamber of Agriculture, Polskie Radio reports. The crossing point in Grzechotki has been blocked since March 20. During the blockade, one truck per hour was allowed across the border.

Mamonovo - Grzechotki checkpoint unlocked

Currently, according to the organizers of the protest, the blockade of the border is being lifted due to the upcoming Easter holidays. Earlier, the protesters were more determined and were going to continue blockading the Russian border for at least a month.

At the same time, Salitra said, farmers were surprised by how many goods were coming into the European Union from Russia. "The EU has not yet decided to ban grain imports from Russia into the community. Although the countries have condemned Russia's attack on Ukraine, the trade with Russia continues. A lot of goods are being transported, including gas, and not only liquefied gas, one driver said he was carrying methane," Salitra said.

Meanwhile, according to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (SBGS), the blockade of the Ukrainian border continues. As of March 24, Polish farmers did not allow Ukrainian trucks to leave at all at the Yagodyn and Rava-Ruska checkpoints.

"Over the last period, we have zero border crossings to leave Ukraine. About 500 trucks have been blocked in these directions," said Andrii Demchenko, the SBGS spokesman, during the telethon.

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