Poland complains about the shortage of Ukrainians: refugees have left to work in wealthier countries

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Ukrainian refugees in Poland
Ukrainian refugees in Poland. Source: Freepik

There is a shortage of Ukrainian workers in Poland. Instead of seasonal work, Ukrainian refugees go to other EU countries. As a result, no people are willing to do seasonal work.

In the summer, you can earn 5-9 thousand zlotys (50-91 thousand UAH) in Poland, but for the second year in a row, the country is experiencing a staff shortage. Citizens of Ukraine, who usually come for seasonal work in the summer, are now choosing Western European countries because of higher salaries and the openness of their labor markets after the full-scale invasion, according to the EWL Migration Platform.

The Central Statistical Office of Poland has released data on the average salary in the country in the first quarter of 2024. It amounts to 8147.38 zlotys (82.4 thousand UAH). Estimates show that salaries increased by 14.4% compared to last year.

"Nowadays, you can earn up to 9 thousand zlotys for seasonal work. This is short-term work in the agricultural sector, where the salary depends on the number of working hours and productivity. Such work is suitable for people who are used to physical work. It is mostly chosen by Ukrainians who live in villages and have their farms," explains Mariana Semeniuk, recruitment director of the EWL Migration Platform.

As of March, there were 50.5 thousand vacancies in Poland. According to the annual Occupational Barometer survey, this year there is a staff shortage in 27 professions. Some industries fail to overcome it every year: there is a shortage of workers in trade, industry, healthcare, and social assistance. There is no surplus in any profession.

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