Pilot names the best seats on an airplane: there will be more legroom

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An expert has named the best seat on an airplane

Many travelers dream of grabbing a window seat to sit comfortably and watch the incredible view. However, as it turns out, this is not the most comfortable seat for a flight.

In particular, because the window seat is very limited in space. Sleep expert and CEO of MattressNextDay, Martin Seeley, told Express where to sit on board (scroll to the bottom of the article to see the photo).

According to her, the best seat on an airplane is the one where you can sleep, sit comfortably and have legroom. But not every seat can boast of these advantages. You can only book it in one row.

Pilot names the best seats on an airplane: there will be more legroom

These are the seats near the emergency exit under the wing. The distance between the seats is much wider than in other seats so that passengers can quickly leave the plane in case of danger.

Travelers sitting there will be able to stretch their legs and fly in comfort. By the way, the seat near the emergency exit is often underestimated due to the lack of a window, but in vain. It is in this part of the cabin that the sun will not interfere with sleep.

In addition, the seats near the wings of the plane are the quietest in the cabin, while tourists always gather near the toilet, and the crew's conversations are clearly heard in the front seats.

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