Not only Kyivstar: hackers attacked Monobank and Vodafone

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Monobank suffered a malfunction
Monobank suffered a malfunction

After the collapse of the Kyivstar mobile operator's network on December 12, hackers have been attacking other key services and systems in Ukraine. In particular, Monobank suffered a massive DDoS attack. Two other mobile operators from the "Big Three" - Vodafone and Lifecell - are also experiencing disruptions.

"Massive DDoS attack on Monobank. The object of attack: entry points to Amazon (banks, website). Everything is under control," Monobank co-founder Oleh Horokhovskyi wrote on his Telegram.

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The Vodafone app is not working

In turn, some Lifecell subscribers also complain about malfunctions. Some of them have problems with the app and the company's website. This may also indicate a DDoS attack.

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On the morning of December 12, Kyivstar mobile operator experienced a large-scale outage: its subscribers faced a network outage and were unable to make calls or send messages. The operator's website also stopped working.

It also became known that the failure of Kyivstar's network would partially affect the operation of some terminals and ATMs of PrivatBank. However, it will not interfere with the operation of the entire network.

"For general understanding, some parts of all banks, ATMs, and POS terminals, work on mobile cards. That is, the POS terminal has a mobile card. For those terminals that work on Kyivstar mobile cards, of course, this problem affects their work," PrivatBank spokesman Oleh Serha said.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, Kyivstar subscribers in Ukraine cannot switch to other operators via domestic roaming. The fact is that the communication problem has also affected other services, such as national roaming. The reason for the large-scale outage was a hacker attack on the network core.

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