Not only Carpathians: the most popular places in Ukraine for winter vacations

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Where to relax in Ukraine in winter during the war

When Ukrainians plan a winter vacation, the Carpathian Mountains are the first place that comes to mind. The mountains are a great place to admire the beauty of Ukrainian nature and practice winter sports. However, these are not all the options available to Ukrainian tourists.

Due to the hostilities in part of the country, the Carpathians, Prykarpattia, and Zakarpattia are the most popular vacation destinations. But you can spend a few winter holidays in other places, both in the west and in the central part of Ukraine. This is what Vіkna Novyny tells us.

Where to relax in western Ukraine

Medenichi (Lviv region). The village is located 57 km from Lviv. It has a zoo of the same name, where special conditions were created for animals rescued from captivity, where they lived in terrible conditions. During the full-scale war, many animals from zoos in Kyiv, Sumy, Zhytomyr, and other regions found refuge in Medenychi.

The zoo has a large territory where animals are kept in conditions as close to natural as possible. Many exotic animals can be seen in winter as well: their enclosures are insulated and covered with glass to retain heat.

There is also a large restaurant on the territory and a place for walking.

Berezhany (Lviv oblast). The village, almost 90 km from Lviv itself, is the center of all the historical sights of Lviv region.

There you can walk through the historic Potocki Park with a hunting palace, ponds, and ancient trees. Other interesting sites are located in the neighborhood.

Skhidnytsia, Morshyn, and Truskavets (Lviv Oblast). These are resorts that are already familiar to Ukrainians, located 80-100 km from Lviv, and heal their guests with healing water and clean forest and foothill air.

These places can be interesting not only for their water, but also for their parks, forests, and historical monuments. You can get to the resorts by bus - they run to these locations every day.

Not only Carpathians: the most popular places in Ukraine for winter vacations

Kosyno (Koson village, Zakarpattia region). The thermal waters of Kosyno are known not only throughout Ukraine but also the whole world.

In addition to thermal pools, you can find many interesting destinations for recreation, as well as places for walking.

Mineral waters of Sataniv (Khmelnytskyi region). In Sataniv, you can find healing mineral springs. The resort has several sanatoriums, so your vacation will be very comfortable.

The village of Sataniv is also interesting for guests. It has several important sights, including the gate to the city, preserved from the 15th century, a castle of the same time, an ancient Jewish cemetery and a synagogue.

Skole Beskydy. The Gurkalo waterfall and the nearby Parashka mountain are perfect for a mountain vacation. Here, Ukrainians can both practice climbing the slopes and enjoy the enchanting mountain nature.

Not only Carpathians: the most popular places in Ukraine for winter vacations

The estate ofSt. Nicholas (Ivano-Frankivsk region). This is a great option for families with children.

The wooden residence of St. Nicholas is located on the territory of the Hutsulshchyna National Nature Park. Children and adults can visit St. Nicholas' office, make Christmas toys with their own hands, visit the Museum of Nature, and take a walk in the park.

Where to go skiing:

- Dragobrat. The highest ski resort in Ukraine, its height reaches 1700 meters above sea level. It is located near the village of Yasinia, 120 km from Ivano-Frankivsk.

- Pylypets. The second highest ski resort in Ukraine. It is located on the banks of the small river Ploshchanka at an altitude of 750 m above sea level. The length of the longest run is 4000 meters. It will be interesting for both professional skiers and beginners.

- Play. A ski resort in the village of Plavia, Zakarpattia region. There are trails for different levels of training.

- Krasiya. A resort in the village of Vyshka, Zakarpattia region. This is a great place for beginners. It also has everything for passive recreation.

Not only Carpathians: the most popular places in Ukraine for winter vacations

Where to relax in the central regions of Ukraine

Kachanivka (Chernihiv region). This is a picturesque village where Taras Shevchenko worked and where the richest magnates of Ukraine in the 19th century, the Tarnowskis, lived. It is one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine.

The palace and park complex in Kachanivka has been preserved in almost its original form, although it survived two wars. Nowadays, the palace hosts film crews to shoot historical films. In particular, the series "The Serf" was filmed in Kachanivka.

There you can enjoy the winter nature, the palace, and attend events that take place on the territory of the complex.

Dykanka (Poltava region). This village is the place to visit in the New Year's Eve. This location preserves the traditions and culture of the locals.

It is easy to get to Dykanka - there are regular buses from Poltava.

Not only Carpathians: the most popular places in Ukraine for winter vacations

Kyivan Rus Park (Kopachiv village, Kyiv region). This place, a life-size recreation of Kyiv's 5-13th century dynasty, is suitable for history buffs.

It will be interesting for children as well: entertainment has been prepared for them, and employees in costumes entertain the kids. And adults can shoot archery in the park.

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