Not on Valentine's Day: 8 worst gifts for loved ones named online

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You definitely wouldn't want anything from this list as a gift

Valentine's Day is one of the most controversial holidays. Firstly, single people on this day experience tremendous psychological pressure due to the message that you can only be happy in a couple, which is heard everywhere. Secondly, the search for gifts turns into a real fever, which benefits only the sellers. While for couples, such gifts become an additional source of conflict. In addition to all the countless parameters that can lead to a wrong choice, there is also the lack of romance/over-romance.

Of course, the topic of Valentine's Day gifts is also discussed on social media. Men's Health analyzed this discussion and identified 8 options that should be avoided on the holiday.


Few things are less romantic than a ream of office paper or other stationery for Valentine's Day. One commenter told a story about his father, who listened to his wife's wishes, who complained that her pencil sharpener was out of order, and gave her a high-quality electric model. And then he couldn't understand why she was so disappointed – it was her wish.

Clothes of exes

It's bad to throw away good quality clothes in good condition. It's not environmentally friendly and not modern. That's why many of us keep the clothes of our exes in our closets, not knowing what to do with them. One of the participants in the discussion said that he had a sweater in his wardrobe that his ex-girlfriend had once left there. And then a new girlfriend suddenly found it. She liked the thing, so he couldn't think of anything better than to say that it was a Valentine's Day present for her. The girl was happy and now wears this sweater all the time. It's a good thing she doesn't know the whole story behind it.

Anything for the toilet

Romance does not go well with the toilet theme. Nevertheless, the father of one of the commenters managed to present his wife with a toilet seat on Valentine's Day. And not some high-tech one with heating or some other interesting features, but an ordinary plastic seat. Now the whole family makes fun of him for it.

Sexually transmitted infection

Finding out that you have an STI when you think you are in an exclusive, committed relationship is bad. Finding out you have an STI on Valentine's Day is a disaster. This is exactly what happened to one of the commenters. He and his wife found out on the holiday that after five years of monogamous relationships, they had both contracted herpes. They spent the rest of the day trying to figure out exactly where it came from, which was completely unromantic. It is hardly necessary to explain how much their holiday was ruined.

Anything from a gas station

A Valentine's Day gift doesn't have to be expensive. But it should be something that you put at least a little effort into choosing, and not something you picked up on the way to a date at a gas station. One girl in the discussion told us about a gentleman who showed up on her doorstep with a jar of peanut butter and a single artificial flower. The problem was that she had seen these products at a gas station near her home the same day. Nevertheless, the gentleman was persistent and made another attempt to please her. This time he brought a set of earrings and a necklace from the same place. Which, of course, also turned out to be a bad choice.


We warn you, this story may break your heart. So, one of the commenters told us how he booked a trip for two with his beloved to Barcelona for Valentine's Day. He planned to prepare a luxurious gala dinner for her and ask her to marry him. But when he came home early to get ready for the big moment, he found her in bed with his friend. What a "gift".

A cast of a body part

Sometimes we love some parts of our partners' bodies so much that we would be happy to carry them with us at all times. But this sounds romantic only in theory. In practice, one of the participants in the discussion told us how he received a plaster cast of her foot from his girlfriend on Valentine's Day. It was also painted gray, which he compared to the color of a zombie's skin. And he didn't even have a foot fetish. To say he was puzzled is an understatement.

Unsigned postcard

A Valentine's Day card is a rather lazy and obvious choice of gift. But buying a blank card in a store and giving it as a gift is just the ultimate in negligence. If you're too lazy to come up with something, you can at least write a romantic equation on it with your names and a heart after the equal sign. Even better is to make a Valentine card with your own hands. Ideally, attach it to some more fancy gift. But a blank form. Really?

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