"Not a single truck was allowed to pass": Poles tighten border blockade, Ukrainian drivers line up in huge queues

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Police in Poland commented on the attack on Ukrainian grain wagons
Police in Poland commented on the attack on Ukrainian grain wagons

Polish activists have blocked six directions on the border with Ukraine, with 2,450 trucks in queues. The largest queues are in front of the Krakivets, Rava-Ruska and Shehyni checkpoints.

Andriy Demchenko, spokesman for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, said this during the telethon . "Along with the queue, we have seen a significant decrease in the number of border crossings by trucks in recent days. This is especially critical at the Yahodyn and Shehyny checkpoints. Only 60 trucks crossed the border at Shehyni yesterday, while at Yahodyn 70 trucks crossed the border to enter Ukraine, and none were allowed to enter Poland," the SBGS spokesman said.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy appealed to the leaders of Poland and the European Union due to the protests and blocking of checkpoints between Ukraine and Poland by a group of Poles. The Ukrainian president offered to hold talks right on the border and resolve all misunderstandings once and for all.

It is worth noting that one of the organizers of the Polish protests on the border of Ukraine turned out to be the owner of a transportation company that manages to make money from the blockade. We are talking about a member of the Polish border blockade committee, the head of the protest at the Yagodyn-Dorogusk checkpoint, and a politician, Edyta Ozigala.

Journalist Yevhen Plinsky drew attention to Ozigala and her business. He found out that the organizer of the protests, like her colleague Rafal Mekler, is engaged in the business of road transportation.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, as of February 20, Polish protesters have been blocking not only the passage of trucks. Now they are not allowing buses and cars to cross the border between Poland and Ukraine.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine responded to the blockade, noting that such actions by friendly Poland are unjustified and appealing to the Polish government with an important appeal.

Meanwhile, the Consul General of Poland in Lviv called the actions of the farmers at the border a disgrace and compared their actions to those of the Russian occupiers.

The tension between the two countries due to the blocking of the border by the Poles has affected the attitude of Ukrainians toward the people of Poland. According to polls, the percentage of Ukrainians who consider Poland a friendly country has recently decreased.

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