No curfew: Ukrainian city where apartment prices skyrocketed is named

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Where housing prices have risen
Where housing prices have risen

The average cost of a one-bedroom apartment in Uzhhorod is about $60,000. Prices here have increased by 20% on average in dollar terms. The reasons are that there is almost never any missile fire from the Russian Federation and no curfew.

This is stated in an article by OBOZ.UA. In dollar terms, the cost of apartments has fallen almost all over Ukraine. In Kyiv, apartments that were sold for $70 thousand back in 2021 can now be purchased for $55-60 thousand. Moreover, if converted into hryvnias, in 2021, $70 thousand was UAH 1.9 million. And in 2023, 60 thousand dollars is already almost 2.6 million UAH.

That is, even though prices have fallen in dollars, they have risen significantly in hryvnia. This is the situation in most Ukrainian cities, but not in Uzhhorod. Here, prices have risen in both dollars and hryvnia. "Now an apartment costs about 20% more than it did in 2021," says realtor Olena Birovchak.

Oksana Stanko, a realtor, explains that while it is still possible to bargain in the secondary market, it is becoming increasingly difficult with new buildings. The cost of construction has increased significantly, some materials have to be imported from abroad, logistics have deteriorated, and competition for materials has increased. All this has led to the fact that developers have to spend much more money. As a result, the cost of an apartment is also affected.

"The situation with apartment purchases has stabilized. Previously, IDPs were actively buying, but now there are more locals. Construction has risen in price, so prices in new buildings have increased significantly. However, some bargaining is still possible in the secondary market and there are more chances to find housing for different budgets," Stanko explains.

The number of new buildings is growing, and the high demand for real estate will continue until the end of the full-scale war. After that, there are several possible scenarios. The demand for real estate in Uzhhorod may decrease due to the loss of a specific advantage: the absence of shelling and curfews. However, another scenario is also possible.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, the cost of apartments in Ukraine has been recalculated. Prices are gradually rising across the country. The situation has changed dramatically.

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