More than 190 new criminal cases opened in Russia against amnestied convicts from Wagner PMC

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Wagner PMC mercenaries
Wagner PMC mercenaries

At least 190 new criminal cases have been opened in the Russian Federation against the Wagner members pardoned for their participation in the war against Ukraine. Most of them are related to theft.

This is the data for 2023 that Verstka journalists managed to find and confirm. Some former prisoners from the private military company Wagner, who were granted amnesty and returned to Russia, continued to commit crimes.

According to the publication, the so-called top crimes include:

- theft - 83 cases;

- traffic violations - 27 cases;

- drug-related crimes- 23 cases;

- murder or attempted murder - 20 criminal cases.

In addition, cases were opened against the ex-mercenaries under articles on causing grievous bodily harm, carjacking, assault or insulting a government official, fraud, kidnapping, and rape.

Some of the former Wagnerites were tried not under one, but under several criminal articles. At least ten occupants are being tried on two or three criminal cases at once, and one on six.

Verstka noted that the Russian Federation is trying to conceal the fact that the defendants participated in hostilities. Therefore, the actual number of criminal cases against former PMC mercenaries may be much higher.

As OBOZ.UA wrote:

- In September 2023, in Sol-Iletsk, Orenburg region of Russia, Yuriy Gavrilov, a previously convicted mercenary of the private military company Wagner, raped a child. The victim is a fifth-grade girl, only 11 years old.

- Recently, a former prisoner and war criminal, Alaberdy Karazhayev, gave a lesson to students at boarding school No. 88 "Smile" in Ulyanovsk, where children with special needs are educated. He was sentenced to nine years in prison for the murder of his mother-in-law's partner.

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