Moldova offers Ukraine electricity in exchange for gas: how it will work

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Moldova may supply Ukraine with electricity in exchange for gas. Source: Screenshot

Moldova has offered Ukraine to supply and generate electricity in exchange for gas under the gas-to-electricity project. In general, Moldova and Romania intend to "act as a logistics hub for the companies and organizations involved" to rebuild Ukraine.

This is said in a joint statement by Ukraine, Moldova, and Romania. The respective agreement of intent was signed in Chisinau by the heads of the foreign ministries of these countries.

"Moldova has expressed its readiness to supply electricity to Ukraine under the gas-to-electricity project by placing generating units on its territory and using natural gas supplied by Ukraine for this exchange. The parties are already looking for solutions to make the gas infrastructure commercially reliable," the countries said in a statement.

To this end, Moldova and Ukraine intend to attract international funds.

"We will work together to increase the capacity of the Trans-Balkan pipeline as part of the Vertical Corridor, including the harmonization of gas quality parameters and the development of green hydrogen production projects using renewable energy sources," the statement said.

Moldova and Romania also agreed to work with Ukraine "to increase the volume of transit of goods." First of all, agricultural products from Ukraine through Moldova and Romania to the Danube ports. Special priority will be given to the Solidarity Lanes.

As part of the agreements reached, it is proposed to create a "multifunctional transport Reni-Giurgiulesti-Galati hub".

"We agree that the transport and customs departments of our countries should cooperate to create a unified digital system to facilitate the crossing of state borders by carriers of goods as part of the development of the North-Central section, along with measures to strengthen cooperation between border, migration and other institutions," the agreement states.

Separately, Moldova and Romania emphasized "the primary importance of developing regional electricity connections." This refers to the construction of the second circuit of the 330-kV Balti-Dniester HPP overhead power line, a similar Vulcanesti-Artsyz line, 400-kV Balti-Suceava, Isaccea-Vulcanesti-Chisinau, Straseni-Gutinas, and Suceava-Chernivtsi lines, and the South Ukrainian NPP, Prymorska-Vulcanesti-Isaccea line.

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