Ministry of Energy explains what the situation with electricity will be in Ukraine in the fall and winter

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It is impossible to avoid outages in winter
It is impossible to avoid outages in winter. Source: Freepik

Avoiding power outages in the fall and winter will be difficult due to significant damage to the infrastructure. Ukraine is actively preparing for the cold months, making every effort to ensure that power outages in winter are as short as possible.

This was stated by Deputy Minister of Energy of Ukraine Svitlana Hrynchuk during the TV marathon. Damage to the energy infrastructure caused by the hostilities significantly complicates the stable supply of electricity .

Restoring the system requires significant resources and time. According to Svitlana, although it will be difficult to avoid outages, the Ministry of Energy is making every effort to make these outages as short and invisible for the population as possible.

"It is very difficult to say that there will be no outages now because the damage is extremely severe. We may not be able to avoid the outages, but we are doing everything possible to make them as invisible as possible," Hrynchuk emphasized.

According to Svitlana, the Ministry is actively working on preparations for the fall-winter period. Measures are being taken to strengthen the energy system and ensure a stable supply of electricity. In particular, repairs are being made to damaged facilities and equipment is being modernized to improve its reliability and efficiency.

Earlier, energy experts have previously stated that Ukraine will have to live with electricity shortages for at least two years. One of the key factors that could positively affect the situation is the return of control of the Zaporizhzhia NPP in Enerhodar, which is currently occupied by the enemy. This would increase electricity production and reduce the risk of blackouts.

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