Metropolitan of Russian Orthodox Church, who was called Kirill's successor, accused of harassing 18-year-old male assistant. All details

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Metropolitan Hilarion of the Russian Orthodox Church caught in a sex scandal. Source: Russian media

A sex scandal has erupted in the leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church. Georgy Suzuki, an assistant to Metropolitan Hilarion (Alfeyev), whom Russian media called a likely successor to Patriarch Kirill, accused his mentor of harassment.

This was reported by the Russian media outlet Meduza. It is noted that the 18-year-old native of a Russian-Japanese family has been an assistant (cellar boy) since 2022 when he came to Budapest at the invitation of Hilarion.

According to the article, the young man claims that a few weeks later the Metropolitan invited him to move into a room in his apartment to help with the household chores. Soon after, Hilarion took Suzuki to his French summer cottage, where the assistant fell ill. At some point, Hilarion allegedly stripped him down to his underwear and got into bed with him to warm him up.

Then, according to media reports, after returning from France to Hungary, Hilarion began to visit Suzuki in the evenings, and then regularly sleep with him.

"According to the young man, there was no sexual acts. In September 2023, Suzuki tried to 'express dissatisfaction', but the Metropolitan began to threaten him with 'problems'," the media outlet reports.

Soon, the man began to record conversations with Hilarion. In one of them, the Metropolitan said that he "will feel bad" if he decides to leave. In another recording, Hilarion can be heard forbidding Suzuki to put on pajamas before bed in order to "feel his skin" and "put him down to sleep like a father."

In 2024, the man decided to run away from his mentor back to Japan. Before he left, he took money and valuables totaling 30 thousand euros from the metropolitan's house, which led to the opening of criminal proceedings against him in Budapest.

Hilarion himself stated that the accusations of harassment were groundless and promised to sue for defamation.

It is interesting that in February 2018, Metropolitan Hilarion, referring to his pastoral experience, claimed that the church helps to "cure" gay people.

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