Lunin won the penalty shootout! Manchester City – Real Madrid: chronicle and result of the Champions League quarterfinals

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City hosts Real Madrid

On Wednesday, April 17, Manchester City of England hosted Real Madrid in the Champions League quarterfinal return leg. After an enchanting 3:3 draw in the Spanish capital, the teams determined the participants of the third round of the tournament playoffs.

The game was hosted by the Etihad Stadium. OBOZ.UA provided an online broadcast of the Manchester City vs Real Madrid match.


Champions League. 1/4 finals

The return leg

First leg 3:3

Manchester, Etihad Stadium

Head referee: Daniele Orsato (Italy), VAR referee: Massimiliano Irrati (Italy)

Manchester City (England) – Real Madrid (Madrid, Spain) – 1: 1, penalties 3: 4

Goals: de Bruyne, 76 – Rodrigo, 12


00:50. In the semifinals, we are waiting for another classic confrontation – Bayern Munich vs. Real Madrid.

00:49. "City has resigned as European champion.


3:3. Ederson scored a great shot in the bottom corner.

2:3. Nacho puts it in the corner.

2:2. Foden hits hard and accurately.

1:2. Lucas Vazquez calmly separated the ball and Ederson.

1:1. LUNIN!!! He takes away Kolvacic's shot!

1:1. Bellingham hits the corner.

1:0. Lunin takes Silva's shot in the center!

1:0. Ederson pulls out a shot by Modric!

1:0. Alvarez hits it exactly.

00:40. We start the series!

00:39. "City will be the first to strike.

00:37. Lunin vs. Ederson duel will decide everything.

00:35. A penalty shootout awaits us!

120+1. That's it. Game time is over.

120. Lunin calmly took Alvarez's shot into the near corner.

119. Bellingham fouled on the attack.

118. Modric sent behind the goal.

116. What a pressure from the hosts now.

114. Ouch. Bernard Silva put Militao under the breath.

112. Substitutions. Stones and Kovacic are off. De Bruyne and Akandji are off.

111. Vasquez's shot is inaccurate.

110. SUBSTITUTION. Militao replaces Carvajal.

109. Carvajal on the lawn. He is putting his feet up.

108. Doc almost went through the entire Real Madrid defense.

THE SECOND HALF HAS BEGUN! Real Madrid put the ball back in play.

105+3. The referee has ended the first extra time.

105+2. What a moment for Rüdiger!!! He missed the near corner from three meters!

105+1. О! Real Madrid's first corner!

105. The positional attack of the guests ended in a loss.

102. SUBSTITUTION. Vinicius is off. Lucas Vazquez is in the game.

101. Walker! How he just "ate" Vinicius, who was running to Ederson! Bravo to the City captain!

99. Foden just shot from nine meters. In his foot.

97. Lunin took the ball at the feet of Carvajal, who closed it from the opponent.

95. Ugh! Foden shot from 13 meters. At the defender.

93. What a sharp shot from Doc now. The whole free kick went wide.

91. SUBSTITUTION. Alvarez has replaced Holland. Again, Erling did not score for Real Madrid.

THE FIRST OVERTIME HAS BEGUN! City played from the center.

23:56. Bayern have passed Arsenal and are waiting for their opponent.

23:55. An additional 30 minutes are waiting for us.

90+5. That's it. The referee is recording a draw.

90+5. Holland hits the net from above.

90+4. WARNING. Mandy rolled away from Walker.

90+2. Ederson took the canopy after the rebound.

90. WARNING. Rodri just clung to Diaz with his hands.

89. "Real" is not even trying to run forward.

87. City players are just hanging in the visitors' penalty area.

84. SUBSTITUTION. Rodrigo is done. Braim Diaz is in the game.

82. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!!! Doku fired 11 meters and de Bruyne hits above the crossbar!

80. City trying to take the duel back into normal time.

79. SUBSTITUTION. Modric replaces Kroos.

78. Ugh! De Bruyne shoots again. From 20 meters above the nine.

76. 1:1!!! The hosts equalize! Doku swung Carvajal, shot, the ball hit Kamavinga and bounced to de Bruyne. He shot Lunin.

75. And "City" does not hit much. They are trying to get the ball behind Lunin's back with their nose.

74. The guests have no counterplay at all.

72. SUBSTITUTION. Grilish left, Doc came out.

71. Valverde couldn't cut to Vinicius! And he was alone.

70. Lunin took away Griliches' shot.

70. 13-0 in corners.

68. Lunin doesn't really want to go beyond the goal line today.

66. "Real" is sitting very low now.

63. Ouch. The referee got hit in the stomach by a rebound.

61. WARNING. Guardiola has put a kick in Bellingham's legs.

61. The pace is starting to pick up and the game is opening up.

59. WARNING. Griliches mowed down Carvajal.

58. Akandji launched into the stands.

56. In Munich 0: 0. Zinchenko is on the bench.

54. Corner on a corner at the Real Madrid goal.

53. Lunin again played first on the way out and then took the finish.

51. Ugh! Nacho and Lunin almost cooked now. The Real Madrid captain closed Holland after de Bruyne's pass, and for some reason, the Ukrainian did not leave the goal. As a result, Nacho almost got into his own.

50. Rodrigo hit above the goal from mid-range.

49. Two consecutive passes to the out from the guests.

47. Ugh! Lunin plays on the way out after a corner and immediately scores from 15 meters.

THE SECOND HALF HAS BEGUN! "Real" played from the center of the field.

23:02. Back to Manchester.

22:53. 13-5 in shots and 4-3 in shots on goal.

22:52. Lunin is the best player of the first half, according to statistical portals. 7.7 from WhoScored and 7.3 from Sofa Score.

22:51. BREAK.

45+3. The referee is whistling.

45+1. Foden shoots from 22 meters out.

45. De Bruyne tried to score from a corner for the second time. Lunin is on the spot.

44. The hosts are rolling the ball in the other half of the field.

41. Now there are a lot of shortages in the teams.

39. Guardiola is offside.

38. WARNING. Carvajal brought down Grillich on the flank.

36. Ouch! Griliches shot, Rüdiger blocked.

35. De Bruyne pushed Kroos in the back in someone else's penalty area.

34. Again Valverde instead of Lunin knocked out from the goal.

33. De Bruyne scored in the stands.

30. The counterattack from the guests almost passed. But Valverde hit the defender after Vinicius' pass to the defender.

28. Holland threw in the center of the goalkeeper. Lunin takes it.

27. Lunin! Repelled de Bruyne's shot from 18 meters!

26. Lunin calmly took away de Bruyne's shot.

25. Carvajal hit Guardiola from 20 meters.

24. Kroos gave a great breakaway to Vinicius. The defenders are in place.

21. Lunin and Carvajal are working well together today.

19. Oops! Lunin interrupts de Bruyne's shot, and then Holland hits the crossbar from five meters.

18. Holland now in the style of Dovbyk tried to throw his partner away, putting his back to the defender.

17. Holland hits his head higher.

15. City had three consecutive corners. Twice Lunin played on the outs.

12. 0: 1! Real opens the scoring. Lunin – Carvajal – Bellingham's three-way ended with Vinicius' shot to Rodrigo. He hit Ederson with the first shot from four meters, but the rebound was immediately picked up by the Brazilian and shot past the keeper.

11. Kamavinga from 22 meters scored weakly into the hands of Ederson.

8. Lunin takes a shot from de Bruyne.

7. Lunin is constantly involved by Real Madrid defenders.

6. The guests are trying to press high.

4. Madrid plays long throws at the start.

3. The hosts take control of the ball.

1. Very strange. Valverde kicks out from the goal instead of Lunin.

THE MATCH HAS BEGUN! The hosts put the ball in the game!

22:00. City fans boo the Champions League anthem.

2 MINUTES TO GO. The players appear in front of the spectators.

5 MINUTES BEFORE THE MATCH. The players are waiting to take the field.

15 MINUTES BEFORE THE MATCH. Everything is ready for the start of the game.

30 MINUTES TO GO. Real Madrid will play in black today.

35 MINUTES TO GO. The players are arriving at the stadium.

45 MINUTES BEFORE THE MATCH. The players are warming up.

75 MINUTES TO GO. Pep names his team. De Bruyne starts from the first minute. Ederson also returns.

Lunin won the penalty shootout! Manchester City – Real Madrid: chronicle and result of the Champions League quarterfinals

90 MINUTES TO GO. 57% of readers of the UEFA website are confident in Real Madrid's progress.

90 MINUTES BEFORE THE MATCH. Teams arrive at the stadium.

100 MINUTES BEFORE THE MATCH. Almost a year ago, the teams met here in the CL semifinals. City defeated the opponent 4-0.

100 MINUTES TO GO. Needless to say, there will be a full house at the Etihad today.

110 MINUTES TO GO. Even the opening ceremony will be at City today.

120 MINUTES TO GO. Ancelotti has decided on the basis. Lunin is traditionally in the "frame".

Lunin won the penalty shootout! Manchester City – Real Madrid: chronicle and result of the Champions League quarterfinals

135 MINUTES TO GO. The opponent of the winner of our pair in the semifinals will be either Bayern Munich or Arsenal. They are 2-2 after the game in London.

150 MINUTES UNTIL THE MATCH. Real Madrid is already 5.00.

5.5 HOURS BEFORE THE MATCH. In the meantime, let us remind you that Holland has not scored for Madrid. Three matches - zero goals.

5.5 HOURS BEFORE THE MATCH. City decided to remind us of all three goals Bernardo Silva scored against Real Madrid.

8 HOURS BEFORE THE MATCH. "Real Madrid is waiting for the El Clasico on Sunday with Barca, which was eliminated by PSG the day before.

8.5 HOURS BEFORE THE MATCH. This is how Real Madrid's training started yesterday.

11 HOURS BEFORE THE MATCH. Bookmakers give City a clear advantage. Bets on the victory are 1.60. And on Real Madrid – 4.80.

14 HOURS BEFORE THE MATCH. Greetings to all football fans. Manchester will host the second clash between City and Real Madrid.

A week ago, the teams gave a magnificent performance, having organized a real swing. Everyone remembered the visitors' goals, Andrey Lunin's mistake and the home team's comeback.

Lunin won the penalty shootout! Manchester City – Real Madrid: chronicle and result of the Champions League quarterfinals
Lunin won the penalty shootout! Manchester City – Real Madrid: chronicle and result of the Champions League quarterfinals

Real Madrid have never beaten City on their home turf, with two draws and three defeats.

Lunin won the penalty shootout! Manchester City – Real Madrid: chronicle and result of the Champions League quarterfinals

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