It will take more than a year to restore Kharkiv CHPP-5: Director gives details

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Kharkiv CHPP-5
Kharkiv CHPP-5. Source: objectiv.tv

During the Russian attack on March 22, 2024,Kharkiv CHPP-5 suffered the greatest damage since the beginning of the full-scale war. The process of its restoration will take more than a year.

This was reported to Ukrinform by the press service of PJSC Kharkiv CHPP-5. As of March 25, the regional center was powered by other regions, as enemy attacks severely damaged the city's energy infrastructure.

CHPP-5 in Kharkiv

With the destruction of CHPP-5, Kharkiv lost its main heat and power generation capacity for the city. Only after the rubble is cleared and the inspection is completed will it be possible to fully assess the damage. However, it is already clear that the repairs are expected to be labor-intensive and costly, comparable to new construction.

Chief Executive Officer of PJSC Kharkivskaya CHPP-5 Oleksandr Minkovych acknowledged that the task is challenging.

"The restoration of the thermal power plant involves the manufacture of exclusive equipment for power units, including turbines, generators, etc. In case of full financing of the work, assistance with the production and supply of equipment, the reconstruction process will take more than one year," he said.

Kharkiv CHP-5

Earlier, Ukrhydroenergo CEO Ihor Syrota said that after the enemy attack on the Dnipro HPP on March 22, it would take years to fully restore it.

As OBOZ.UA wrote:

- In connection with the massive Russian shelling of Kharkiv and the destruction of energy infrastructure in the regional center and in the region, schedules of hourly power outages were introduced from March 25 to March 31.

- Kharkiv Mayor Ihor Terekhov reported that the city's thermal power plant and transformer substations were destroyed.

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