It only takes 10 seconds: a life hack from a makeup artist on how to "reset" 10 years

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How to paint your eyes to look younger. Source: freepik.com

Aging is something that will catch up with everyone, but we all still want to keep our youth and beauty as long as possible. And makeup can become our faithful assistant in this matter.

Properly selected eye shadow and eyeliner application techniques will not only emphasize your eyes, but also visually rejuvenate your face. Rose Marie Swift, a makeup artist with over 30 years of experience and founder of RMS Beauty, told us how to make up to lose 10 years.

Even though the modern world is all about naturalness, women still want to look fresh and young. The beauty industry takes advantage of this and offers us a variety of special anti-aging creams, serums, and gels.

In pursuit of youth, women dye their hair, spend a lot of money on cosmetics, and sometimes even undergo anti-aging procedures. However, you can also improve your appearance with makeup.

It only takes 10 seconds: a life hack from a makeup artist on how to ''reset'' 10 years

For example, Swift shared a technique for applying eyeliner that will pull your eyes up in just 10 seconds.

With age, the skin loses elasticity and begins to sag under the influence of gravity. Therefore, makeup should be used to pull all facial features up.

An experienced makeup artist applies a black pencil to the eyes and then smears it with her fingers towards the temples. This will create the effect of lifting the eyes, open the gaze and make you look visually younger.

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