iPhone will receive the biggest update ever with iOS 18: rumors about artificial intelligence emerge

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Apple intends to catch up with competitors in the field of AI and integrate it into its operating system

Rumors have begun to spread online that the next update of Apple's iOS operating system will contain the biggest improvement in history. It is expected that iPhone smartphones will receive new features based on artificial intelligence.

According to Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, the company is striving to catch up with Google and OpenAI in the field of generative artificial intelligence and is preparing to integrate it into iOS 18. Referring to the words of unnamed executives of the company, the journalist called the future operating system "ambitious and worthy of attention."

According to Mail Online, experts expect the company to announce the release of iOS 18 at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June. According to rumors, it will include built-in large language models (LLMS) and will involve AI in iWork applications. Siri voice assistant and the Messages app are also expected to receive some updates. In particular, Siri will start providing more accurate and meaningful answers.

The projected release date of the iOS 18 beta is July this year. The full release of the updated operating system is expected in September.

Apple has not yet officially confirmed what will be included in the new iOS system, but rumors have already emerged that AI will be used in Apple Music and the Xcode integrated development environment. In the first case, it will help to automatically generate playlists based on user preferences, and in the second case, it will help to write code and create new programs faster.

Currently, Apple is considered a lagging company in the field of generative artificial intelligence technologies. ChatGPT remains a pioneer here, as well as Microsoft and Google, which have introduced their own AI services. This poses a serious risk for the company. Therefore, there is an assumption that Apple is working on the Apple GPT AI bot, also known as Ajax. Last year, the tech giant's CEO Tim Cook said that a number of problems in this area do exist, but Apple plans to gradually add artificial intelligence to its products in the future, but to do so in a thoughtful manner.

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