Interesting and useful gifts for Ukrainians: what to buy your loved ones for the New Year

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This year it is important to give Ukrainians light and warmth

Who hasn't been in a situation where you don't know what to do with a New Year's gift? It seems like the person tried hard, chose it, but no one uses it. To avoid this, you should know how to choose useful gifts for the New Year and other holidays.

OBOZREVATEL has compiled a list of things that you will be pleased to find under the Christmas tree and that will make your loved ones happy this New Year.

Candles, lanterns, lamps

One of the biggest troubles of this winter in Ukraine is the need to sit without light for many hours because of Russian shelling. Therefore, a gift of light will be very appropriate. You can choose scented candles to create a cozy atmosphere. A flashlight can be accompanied by a set of suitable batteries. A battery-powered lamp is a universal gift in the current climate. And if you want the gift to be beautiful, you can choose a variety of garlands and decor with LEDs.

Thermal underwear

Properly selected thermal underwear will help keep warm those who lose their heating along with the lights. For those who need it at home or at work, it's better to give things made of natural materials, and for winter sports enthusiasts, buy synthetic underwear. If you don't know exactly what to choose, go for a mixed material. A nice thing is that you can choose a gift for any budget. From inexpensive but so nice thermal socks to a rather expensive set of merino wool.

Sleeping bags

If your loved ones face a really significant drop in temperature in their home during long outages, give them a sleeping bag or a fleece liner for a sleeping bag. Or both. Experienced hikers say that even in a very cold room, these things help keep them warm and help sleep well.

Warm home textiles

A good blanket or fluffy plaid is practically your hug that will stay with the person you love. The warmest options are woolen and fleece blankets. It is better to choose a blanket made of modern synthetic material as they are lightweight, retain heat well, and do not cause allergies.

Reflective accessories

Of course, you shouldn't give a vest like the ones road workers wear. There are many more beautiful options: bags, jewelry, stickers, key chains. You can also choose outerwear and shoes with such elements. Such things will make evening walks much safer.

Thermos flasks and thermal cups

These things will definitely not get stale even after electricity and heat are turned off. A good thermos flask is convenient for taking food and drinks to work, and a thermal cup will be handy for a walk in the cold season. Alternatively, you can buy a cool water bottle for your bed.

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