In Russia, suppliers refuse to deliver food to areas bordering Ukraine: what is known

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Russian suppliers refuse to deliver products to the areas bordering Ukraine
Russian suppliers refuse to deliver food to the areas bordering Ukraine. Source: Wikipedia

Russian direct suppliers are refusing to deliver food to the areas bordering Ukraine. This is due to the increasingly difficult security situation in these regions.

Some stores in the Belgorod region may experience a significant shortage of perishable goods in the short term. This is reported by the Russian media.

This is happening against the backdrop of some direct suppliers refusing to supply for security reasons, according to the company X5 Group, which operates "Pyaterochka," "Perekrestok" and "Chizhik" stores.

X5 Group assures that there is no shortage, they have increased orders from manufacturers, and have also introduced a surcharge for drivers on flights to Belgorod and strengthened security measures.

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