How to save the cabbage crop: an ash and soap solution will protect against pests

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Cabbage is one of the most popular vegetables in Ukrainian gardens. However, it is not only loved by people, but also by quite dangerous pests.

Parasites such as cabbage caterpillars and scoops can destroy the entire crop. That's why the agronomist told us how to effectively protect your garden without using chemicals.

Cabbage butterflies lay their eggs on the back of the lower leaves of cabbage, and cabbage scoop butterflies lay their eggs inside the bushes. Subsequently, they hatch into voracious caterpillars that can destroy a significant portion of the crop in a fairly short period of time.

There are many pesticides that can help control pests, but experienced gardeners do not use them because they have a bad effect on the environment and can lead to the accumulation of hazardous substances in cabbage heads. Therefore, experts recommend using a solution of ash and soap.

Preparation of soap and ash solution

First, take a plastic container or saucepan, pour a half-liter jar of sifted vegetable ash or stove soot into it, pour 10 liters of boiling water over it, stir and let the solution brew for a day. Then grind 50-60 grams of laundry soap, dissolve it in a mixture of water and ash, and leave it under the lid for another day.

Using the soap and ash solution

Shake the mixture thoroughly before using it. Then pour one glass of the solution under each bush. The pests should disappear the next day.

You can also use this biological insecticide against aphids. Simply dip the branches of trees and shrubs with accumulations of parasites and their larvae into the liquid, and spray the crops growing in the beds abundantly from above. Pay special attention to the back of the leaves.

The treatment should be repeated several times with an interval of two to three days.

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