How to make your face look thinner with makeup: life hack

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Life hacks for makeup. Source: Created with the help of AI

Makeup is primarily a space for self-expression. Effective tips will help you achieve the desired result: hide dark circles under the eyes, add radiance to the skin, or make your face look thinner.

Genetics primarily affects facial features, so it may seem that there is no way to change natural features without surgery. However, don't forget about the power of cosmetics. Makeup artists emphasize that you can instantly change the shape of your face by placing the right emphasis on certain areas.

Makeup artist Erica Taylor, who has more than 25 years of experience in the beauty industry, shares effective tips on social media. She demonstrated a simple technique and told where exactly to apply contour and blush on the face.

  • The first step is to divide the face into several zones using a contour.
  • Draw a contour line across the cheekbone. Next, branch this contour slightly down the cheek.
  • It is better to apply blush slightly above the usual area – above the cheeks.

This simple life hack will help to visually narrow the face. However, please note that this method is not suitable for the 45+ age group. Excessive contouring can add age and create an unnecessary mask effect.

OBOZ.UA also told you that cream blush is a great choice for mature skin. It should be carefully blended with a brush or sponge. It's better not to use blush and bronzer as a contouring tool. With age, the need for contouring disappears. Bronzer should be applied horizontally to the forehead, cheeks, and bridge of the nose, and then lightly used along the jaw. 

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