How to make perfectly curved eyebrows: instructions

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How to make curved eyebrows

In our daily makeup routine, we pay a lot of attention to eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush, or lipstick. Makeup artists emphasize that the emphasis should also be placed on the eyebrows. Correctly emphasized eyebrows can dramatically change the image.

A naturally curved eyebrow of the perfect length, reaching a high point in the right place, can make your face look more harmonious. Experts tell us how to effectively emphasize eyebrows at home.

Why you should focus on eyebrows

Specialist Michelle Holmes emphasized that properly emphasized eyebrows help to "open the eyes" while visually creating a lifting and rejuvenating effect.

The eyebrow should go up from the inner corner of the eye, gradually rising along the brow bone at the high point of the raised eyebrow muscle, and then gradually falling to the outer corner of the eye. Poorly drawn, unkempt, or excessively plucked eyebrows can visually add age, making the eyes look heavy and tired.

How to get perfectly curved eyebrows with makeup

The key to perfect makeup is to take full advantage of the natural structure and shape of the eyebrows.

Step 1

Start by combing your eyebrows up and out and then identify the high point.

"Most people have a natural arch or height to each brow. Look in the mirror and lift your eyebrows, finding the highest point of the raised muscle on each side," Holmes suggested. Make a mark with an eyebrow pencil right at the top point you've identified.

Step 2

Balance the eyebrow pencil on the straight part of your nose and draw a line in the front of your brow. Repeat this on each side.

Step 3

Then, find the end point of the brow by balancing the pencil on the outer nostril of your nose and pointing the tip of the pencil towards the outer corner of your eye. The eyebrows should not go too far down to avoid creating the effect of upset, tired eyes.

How to make perfectly curved eyebrows: instructions

Step 4

Look at the upper and lower lines of your natural eyebrows. Holmes says that they should almost look like parallel lines going to the top of the arch.

Sometimes eyebrows are uneven - you can see gaps along the curved line. Makeup is the best way to fill in and complete the contour of the entire eyebrow. You don't need to create sharp lines, but it's helpful to have a light outline to create symmetry and make sure you fill in the gaps.

Step 5

Filling in the eyebrows is the last step. Holmes suggests using a pencil because it does a great job of filling in all the areas in a way that looks natural.

Brow powder is another great tool for emphasizing the density. For a better effect, you can fix the makeup with gel.

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