How to learn to apply blush quickly: life hack with video

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How to apply blush correctly. Source: Created with the help of AI

Many people skip the blushing stage of their daily makeup routine – and they shouldn't. This product, if used correctly, can give the skin a glowing effect. And – a nice bonus – one simple application technique can even visually reduce age.

An effective life hack that will help you quickly learn how to apply blush is gaining popularity online. The result will be a perfect blush that makes your face look fresh and toned.

First of all, you just need to put your thumb and forefinger to your face in the shape of the letter L, as shown in the video. With your thumb touching the outer corner of your nose, you should gently apply blush into the space.

The main thing is that your thumb should be near the outer edge of the nose, and your hand should form a shape at a right angle.

Due to the position of the hand, it is almost impossible to apply blush too low on the cheeks - and this mistake creates the effect of an unnatural "doll's" blush.

Blend the product up to the temples and focus on the cheekbones.

How to learn to apply blush quickly: life hack with video

All powder cosmetics (including translucent powder, bronzer, eye shadow, and blush) should be gently "brushed off" before applying them to the face. This is done to avoid the appearance of unsightly colored spots where the brush first touches the skin.

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