How to grow sweet and large watermelons in the country: you won't want to buy anymore

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How to grow large and sweet watermelons. Source: Created with the help of AI

What could be better in the summer heat than enjoying a sweet, juicy and tasty watermelon? Watermelons contain many useful vitamins and minerals, quench thirst, satiate, and help to reduce weight.

Melons can be grown not only in the southern regions of Ukraine. Breeders have developed new varieties and hybrids of watermelons adapted to temperate climates. OBOZ.UA figured out how to grow large and juicy watermelons in the country.

Where to plant watermelons

Watermelons love warmth and light, so they should be planted on the south or southeast side of the plot.

Melons and gourds quickly deteriorate in excessive moisture and waterlogging, so make sure that there is no stagnation of groundwater in the garden.

The soil should be light, sandy loam or sandy, with neutral acidity. It is better to prepare the bed in the fall: after digging, add organic, phosphorus-potassium fertilizers and wood ash.

Rules for planting watermelons

Before planting, add compost or humus to the soil to improve fertility. Watermelons need enough space to grow, so the distance between plants should be about 1-2 meters.

If the seeds have been stored for a long time before planting, it is better to moisten them beforehand. In this case, fresh seeds do not need to be germinated.

The soil in the bed should be moist so that the seeds can grow immediately. Planting material will not germinate in dry soil.

There is no need to dig a deep hole - a hole of 5-6 cm is enough. Put 2-3 seeds in each hole. Experienced gardeners advise covering the bed with agrofibre or mulching it to retain moisture longer and inhibit weed growth.

How to care for watermelons

During the hot season, watermelons need to be watered regularly, while avoiding waterlogging. The bed must be weeded thoroughly, otherwise weeds will compete with watermelons for nutrients.

You can harvest when the stems begin to dry out and the rind becomes hard enough. You just need to cut off the watermelon from the plant, leaving a small tail.

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