How to grow fragrant yarrow in the garden: simple tips

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Yarrow. Source: Open source photo

Yarrow is one of the most useful medicinal plants with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and regenerative effects. Yarrow is used for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, to lower blood pressure, menstrual cramps and various inflammatory processes.

It is not difficult to grow fragrant yarrow at home as it is quite unpretentious. OBOZ.UA has collected the best tips for growing this medicinal plant.

Benefits of yarrow

Yarrow contains a variety of flavonoids, rutin and tannins, as well as coumarins, saponin, cineole, lactones, eugenol, terpineol and other antioxidants.

Scientists say that yarrow is rich in iron, phosphorus, and sulfur. A study published in Food Chemistry shows that cultivated yarrow is high in fats and saturated fatty acids, proteins, sugars, and flavonoids. Instead, wild plants growing in natural conditions contain more carbohydrates, organic acids, unsaturated fatty acids, tocopherols and phenolic acids.

How to grow fragrant yarrow in the garden: simple tips

How to grow yarrow in the garden

Ornamental species of the plant come in a variety of shades, and wild yarrow is usually snowy white. This perennial easily adapts to any soil and is drought-resistant. However, yarrow should not be planted in complete shade.

You can sow the seeds around March. Sprinkle them lighly over the surface without burying them but tamping the soil well, and water them thoroughly. Within 14 days, the crops will begin to sprout. A week before planting in an open area, it is better to harden the seedlings by periodically putting them outside.

Yarrow can also be propagated by dividing the root system of adult plants. The division should be carried out in the spring at the very beginning of growth.

How to grow fragrant yarrow in the garden: simple tips

How to care for the plant

Yarrow care is standard. It includes weed control and regular weeding. Pests usually do not attack this plant. Insects don't like yarrow, on the contrary, it can repel some of them. The flowering period lasts all summer until late autumn.

Yarrow tolerates frost well. It usually does not need shelter. It is only necessary to cut the stems, leaving the basal leaves.

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