How to find the perfect red lipstick to match your skin tone

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How to choose a red lipstick to match your skin tone

Choosing the perfect red lipstick is a very responsible task. Everyone has probably heard the advice that the shade should match the color of your eyes, hair, or clothes. However, the main rule is that the color of the lipstick matches the natural skin tone.

There are many shades of red lipstick, from rich deep to more restrained and cool, and the choice of the optimal color depends primarily on the characteristics of the skin. Experts told us how to make the right accent on the lips, emphasizing the natural beauty.

How to find your perfect shade of red

The first step is to determine your skin tone: warm, neutral, or cool. Warm undertones can be emphasized by fiery orange-red shades, while deep crimson shades are suitable for cold skin tones.

Now let's talk about the intensity. Do you want to achieve a bright, bold effect or do you want to look restrained and elegant? In the first case, you can choose deep, rich shades of red and burgundy that will definitely attract attention. For a sophisticated effect, choose light red or cool shades.

And don't forget about the finish. A glossy finish will create the effect of moist lips and visually enlarge them, while a matte finish will add emphasis and perfection. Please note that matte coatings are not suitable for mature or dry skin as they will dry out the lips even more. You can moisturize your lips with a light transparent gloss to add radiance.

Red lipstick for bronze skin

If you have a rich bronze skin tone, makeup artists advise choosing a warm brick red shade that will add richness to your already gorgeous complexion.

If you're in the mood for something more daring, try a bold, spicy red that moisturizes and adds an accent to your everyday look. The rich chocolate red color exudes sophistication and looks great with golden brown skin tones.

How to find the perfect red lipstick to match your skin tone

Red lipstick for olive skin

Olive skin tone usually has a warmer shade and is ideally combined with orange or coral red lipstick. A fiery red terracotta lip pencil will also come in handy.

How to find the perfect red lipstick to match your skin tone

Red lipstick for neutral skin tone

Beauties with a neutral skin tone are in luck as a versatile red lipstick will suit you. Both cold and warm reds look great on neutral skin. You can choose a soft red lipstick in warm colors, which is ideal for everyday makeup. If you want a bit of mystery and allure, a deep, classic red with a cool shade will add a touch of drama.

How to find the perfect red lipstick to match your skin tone

Red lipstick for fair skin

The best lipstick for fair skin is one that has a rich pigment without overpowering the complexion. You can experiment by choosing from delicate pink shades to warm peach. And let's not forget the classic matte lipstick as it is a timeless trend that has a bright but cool shade that complements fair skin.

How to find the perfect red lipstick to match your skin tone

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