How to curl your eyelashes with a regular cotton swab: makeup will be more effective

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You can easily curl your eyelashes even without unpleasant metal tongs

There are not many methods for curling eyelashes in the history of makeup. It's either a special mascara or the appropriate tongs. But there are additional life hacks.

One very effective one was shown on her TikTok by Samantha Taormina, a beauty blogger from the United States. Her advice is followed by almost half a million subscribers. Her advice on how to curl eyelashes with a cotton swab made a splash among them.

You don't need any prior preparation. All you need to do for this life hack is to apply the desired amount of mascara to your natural, uncurled lashes. Next, while the product is still dry, you need to take the wand by both heads and use its handle to lift the lashes at the roots. Then, slowly scroll the wand along the eyelashes. Continue curling them upward.

This life hack has an additional effect. It helps to remove excess mascara from the eyelashes – it will all remain on the stick. If necessary, use the cotton head to correct individual hairs that have not curled as you need them to. But you'll have to do everything before the mascara dries.

This life hack also has its limitations. It may not work if your eyelashes are not naturally curved at least a little. But the blogger is still advised to try the life hack even for those who have naturally straight eyelashes. After all, if it doesn't work, you have nothing to lose. And if it does work, you will no longer have to use tongs, which some women find very unpleasant.

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