How to clean your AirPods: experts give advice

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How to clean AirPods headphones correctly

AirPods are popular wireless headphones that are easy to use and provide high-quality sound. However, like any other gadget, AirPods need regular cleaning.

Caring for your headphones is quite simple, but there are a few things you need to know to avoid damaging the delicate electronics. Urbanista's Chief Marketing Officer Thomas Lonka shared his tips with CNN to help you keep your device clean without damaging it.

AirPods need to be cleaned regularly because they accumulate dust, earwax, oils secreted by the skin, etc. Contaminants can not only spoil the appearance of the headphones but also adversely affect their performance.

How to clean AirPods

The headphone case and the headphones themselves should be cleaned regularly with a dry and soft cloth, especially if there is visible dirt on them.

Silicone pads

You should also periodically clean the silicone tips from sebum, earwax, and dust. To do this, remove them and rinse with warm water. Avoid using detergents to avoid damaging the delicate material.

Before replacing the silicone tips, wipe them with a soft cloth and wait until they are completely dry.

How to clean your AirPods: experts give advice

Screen protectors

After you remove the silicone covers, you may notice that there is dirt on the mesh screens. To remove it, use a soft, lint-free cloth or cotton swab. If there is still debris in the mesh, you can try to remove it with a soft-bristled brush.

Just be sure not to let moisture get on the mesh screen and avoid using sharp tools.


To remove dirt or lint from wireless charging cases, use only a dry, soft cloth or wipes. If necessary, you can apply a small amount of isopropyl alcohol to the cloth to remove stubborn deposits or dirt. Most importantly, avoid using abrasive materials and do not allow liquids to enter the charging ports.

How to clean your AirPods: experts give advice

What not to do

  • Avoid getting moisture into the openings;
  • Never immerse the headphones in water;
  • Do not use bleach, hydrogen peroxide, or abrasive cleaners;
  • Avoid using sharp objects;
  • Do not rub the headphones with hard brushes or sponges.

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