How to clean paving stones in the yard: effective ways

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Moss and grass also need to be removed to get a good cleaning of the tiles. Source: Created with the help of AI

The neatness of your yard depends on the cleanliness of the paving stones or tiles. But sometimes stains or dirt appear on the surface that are not so easy to remove with plain water. And this is the complexity of such cleaning.

Do you know how to properly wash concrete tiles so as not to damage them? OBOZ.UA has collected tips from professionals on how to return your yard to perfect cleanliness with little effort, maximum results, and no hassle.

When cleaning paving stones or tiles, keep in mind that the surface of the material is porous and some pollutants penetrate through the pores. Therefore, it may be impossible to clean such stains completely. However, usually just water and a brush will be enough to clean them.

Start by mechanically removing any hard dirt. Sweep or blow away leaves, sand, small stones, etc. from the path. You should also remove any vegetation in the joints, such as moss or weeds. Tear out all that you can, and remove the rest with a special brush. But try not to scratch the material from which the paving stones are made.

Wear protective equipment such as gloves and goggles. Even if you are just washing the pavers with water. This will protect you from blisters and small particles getting into your eyes.

Water the pavement with a mixture of warm water and a few drops of soap - household detergent, dishwater, or laundry detergent. Go over the surface with a medium-hard brush. Then rinse off any remaining foam with clean water.

Be careful with the seams. The material that fills them can easily be wiped off or washed away with a strong stream of water and the tiles will not hold together as well, so do not apply excessive force to this area. Use a small stream of water from the hose and at an acute angle. When the tiles are dry, add a little more grout – it should cover the joints evenly.

If you decide to use special products for cleaning or protecting paving stones, pay attention to the composition. Hydrochloric acid corrodes concrete, so it should not be in the formula of the cleaning liquid. In general, aggressive formulations should be avoided. Also, in winter, give preference to sand to sprinkle on walkways to prevent icy conditions. Salt can adversely affect the condition of the concrete.

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